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  • Geocache Vest Fan 09

    Calling All Geocachers


    How many times have you rummaged through your backpack for the thingamajig only to find that you left it at home?  How many times was it at the bottom of your backpack under a pile of other things and you didn’t see it?  I get …

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  • Nh Mushroom Company1

    Mushrooms – NH Style


    EJ and I got to thinking, “Is it entirely necessary for every post to be about geocaching?” After some deliberation we decided that our ever-growing fan base might be interested in some of the other adventures we constantly find ourselves involved in. Today’s post is …

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  • Geocache Alaska

    Geocache Alaska!


    Guest Blogger – Josh Allen (NoahDadandClara1) has been kind enough to share his geocaching adventures in Alaska. Stories like these remind us how much fun geocaching can be and all of the wonderful places it can bring you. Geocaching truly is a global activity and …

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  • HI Beer

    Hawaii Geocaching Part 1, Maui


    Aloha! As I alluded to in my last posting about breaking my GPS, over the course of the past two and a half weeks I have been working out in Hawaii. I work in renewable energy, and as part of my “day job” I over …

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  • Ej One Tough Mudder

    Hardcore Geocaching – Tough Mudder NorCal


      About a year ago I weighed around 50 lbs. more and was just turning 30. Geocaching though a fun pastime just wasn’t keeping the growing waistline from happening – nor keeping the middle age creaks and pains from encroaching. So last October I decided …

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  • Memorable

    What is your most Memorable Geocache Location (GZ?)


    One of the things I like most about running this Geocaching blog is be able to hear your comments about various things related to the hobby. Today I was just sitting here and I started thinking about all of the different locations we have discovered …

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  • Father Son

    The “Hard Cache” Father and Son Adventure


    by: Dave Oswalt I prefer to do things the hard way, to grunt, sweat with labored breathing and collapse in exhaustion. If not, things are too easy, too simple. For the world at large, geocaching is a simple game of treasure hunt. Find hidden Tupperware …

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