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  • Geocache Vest Fan 09

    Calling All Geocachers


    How many times have you rummaged through your backpack for the thingamajig only to find that you left it at home?  How many times was it at the bottom of your backpack under a pile of other things and you didn’t see it?  I get …

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  • Tick

    Geocaching and Tick Prevention


    Granted, because this is a geocaching forum and most of us spend a great deal of time outdoors, tick awareness and prevention is probably nothing new to you. This article is more for the uninitiated and a great opportunity for me to rant. I hate …

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  • Common Geocaching Phrases and Acronyms


    Geocaching is full of phrases and acronyms that are not immediately obvious if you’re new to geocaching. Please use the list below to help in expanding your geocaching knowledge! The following is taken from our book “101 Devil Caches”, click here to purchase! Archive—Term used to indicate a geocache …

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  • Virtual Cache

    What are Virtual Caches?


    Have you been searching for a geocache and seen an icon that looks like one of the angry ghosts from the Super Mario games? Wondering why this cache icon looks different than you may be used to? You’ve stumbled upon a “grandfathered” type of cache …

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  • Eproduct

    Geocaching E-Products?


    As we promised when we took over the site, we really want the madcacher site to become a reference hub for experienced geocachers. To that end, we’re working on a variety of items, including a website redesign, an ebook and a few other “aces” up …

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  • Letterboxing

    Letterboxing – What is Letterboxing?


    When a long-time Geocacher explains Geocaching they often say “It’s like letterboxing.” I know when I first heard of Geocaching that’s exactly what I heard. I immediately said “oh ok. And what is letterboxing?” So I decided to write a little post explaining what letterboxing …

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  • Nano

    Nano Caches – Are they REALLY That Bad?


    I’m sure 90% of my audience HATES nanos. Are you one of them? I’ve never understood why so many people dislike them so I thought I would write a quick post to start a discussion on the topic. I do realize we all have our …

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