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  • Paf

    The Advantages of Phone a Friend “PAF”


    by: Larry Sullivan (localbiz) How did you get involved in geocaching? Did a friend introduce you to it – taking you out and showing you the ropes? Or did you read about it online/offline and decided to try it? For me it was the later. …

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  • Travelbug

    Geocaching Travel Bugs and Geocoins – An Introduction to Trackable Items


    One of the fun aspects of Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and wondering what you’ll find in the cache, if you do indeed find it. The little toys (often called “Swag”) are always exciting for the kids, but obviously most adults don’t find …

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  • Micro Cache Log

    Free Geocaching Log Sheets Download


    Download FREE geocaching log sheets! Happy Caching!0.5″ Color Log: 0.5″ Color Log | 0.5″ Color Log Refill1.00″ Color Log 1.00″ Color Log | 1.00″ Color Log Refill 1.25″ Black FTF 1.25″ Black FTF | 1.25″ Black FTF Refill 1.25″ Color FTF 1.25″ Color FTF | …

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  • GPS

    What is the Best Geocaching GPS?


    Garmin 010-00422-00 GPSMAP 60CSx The best GPS for Geocaching is by far the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx! The price is a bit higher than some of the cheaper ones, but you will be so glad you spent the few extra bucks to get this thing! First …

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  • Geocaching

    What is Geocaching?


    Geocaching is an outdoors GPS “treasure hunting” game, which began in 2000, where people hide small, waterproof containers, called “Caches,” in various spots all over the world (currently over 100 countries throughout the world.) Inside the caches you’ll find a piece of paper or notepad …

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