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  • Geocard

    Geocaching Trading Cards Kickstarter Funding


    Here at we love all things related to geocaching, and we get excited when we see people bringing new ideas and products to our hobby/sport. Recently we got a Facebook message from our friends over at about an exciting project they are working …

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  • Common Geocaching Phrases and Acronyms


    Geocaching is full of phrases and acronyms that are not immediately obvious if you’re new to geocaching. Please use the list below to help in expanding your geocaching knowledge! The following is taken from our book “101 Devil Caches”, click here to purchase! Archive—Term used to indicate a geocache …

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  • Ammo

    Painting Your Geocache


    Geocachers are opportunists at heart. Whether that means sneaking out during a lunch break to find a cache or repurposing of old containers for new caches to hide. While an old ammo can or pill bottle makes an excellent waterproof container to hide a logbook …

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  • Backpack

    What Goes In Your Geocaching Kit?


    Most experienced geocachers like to be ready for any occurrence, be it irritant insects, a filled up logbook or finding the perfect place for a new cache. For that reason most geocachers have taken to keep a geocaching bag or “kit” ready to go at …

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  • CarTB Mine1

    Car Travel Bug Decals


    Click here if you’re looking to buy a Vehicle Travel Bug Decal. Ever since I posted the story about turning my own car into a travel bug we’ve gotten questions through Facebook and here at the site about where people can order vinyl decals of …

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  • Broken GPSr

    Geocaching Lesson, My Smashed GPSr


    As covered in our geocaching and traveling posting not to long ago, I am very lucky that I get to travel a lot as part of my day job. Working in renewable energy affords me a pretty good life, and takes me to some amazing …

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  • How To Make A Cryptex1

    Geocaching Cryptex, How To Build


    Puzzle caches are one of my favorite types of geocaches to hunt for as they offer an additional challenge to overcome even after you’ve located what you’re fellow geocachers have left for you. Recently I got the idea that I might want to build a …

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