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  • Swiss Army Knife

    Geocaching Swiss Army Knife Tutorials


    If you’ve found this site, chances are you’ve already fallen in love with geocaching. If you’re just starting out – you’re soon to be smitten we’re sure. While there are a number of websites now where you can do queries in order to find caches, …

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  • Eproduct

    Geocaching E-Products?


    As we promised when we took over the site, we really want the madcacher site to become a reference hub for experienced geocachers. To that end, we’re working on a variety of items, including a website redesign, an ebook and a few other “aces” up …

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  • Paperless

    Paperless Geocaching with Smart Phones


    Now that I’ve somehow ended up with a BlackBerry Curve, an iPhone and an iPad, I’ve been doing alot of paperless caching lately with them. And since I’m far from being an expert on paperless caching with smart phones, I’m hoping to strike up a …

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  • Micro Cache Log

    Free Geocaching Log Sheets Download


    Download FREE geocaching log sheets! Happy Caching!0.5″ Color Log: 0.5″ Color Log | 0.5″ Color Log Refill1.00″ Color Log 1.00″ Color Log | 1.00″ Color Log Refill 1.25″ Black FTF 1.25″ Black FTF | 1.25″ Black FTF Refill 1.25″ Color FTF 1.25″ Color FTF | …

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  • Geocaching Tools

    Essential Geocaching Equipment – What’s in your Geocaching bag?


    Whether you’re new to Geocaching or you’re just getting started, you most likely have a bag of some type, which you carry with you when you’re on your geocaching adventures. If you don’t then I highly recommend getting one and and filling it with the …

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