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  • 101 Devil Cache Book Give Away


    So it turns out, you all kind of like us. Or you like free stuff, either way we’re overwhelmed! For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook, you’re missing out. Head over to our Facebook wall where we’re giving away a free, signed …

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  • Stuck on You – Heather Thurmeier


    Madcacher fan Heather Thurmeier will be releasing a new book Stuck on You February 11’th. Heather writes contemporary romance novels and has woven geocaching into her narrative. Below is an excerpt from her new release and a link to pre-order the title. About Stuck on …

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    How I became a Geocacher


    I am ashamed to say it now, but it took quite a push for me to get started with Geocaching. Several years ago my uncle stumbled on the activity and managed to get my father involved. Like most Milligan’s the FTF’s and number of cache’s …

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  • Broken GPSr

    Geocaching Lesson, My Smashed GPSr


    As covered in our geocaching and traveling posting not to long ago, I am very lucky that I get to travel a lot as part of my day job. Working in renewable energy affords me a pretty good life, and takes me to some amazing …

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  • Magnet

    Geocaching and Magnets


    Geocaches are a tricky thing by their very nature, which is one of the great things about geocaching. While some people may hide their caches to be found quickly and without much effort (we call this a “cache and dash”) others take pleasure in placing …

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  • Ej One Tough Mudder

    Hardcore Geocaching – Tough Mudder NorCal


      About a year ago I weighed around 50 lbs. more and was just turning 30. Geocaching though a fun pastime just wasn’t keeping the growing waistline from happening – nor keeping the middle age creaks and pains from encroaching. So last October I decided …

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  • Memorable

    What is your most Memorable Geocache Location (GZ?)


    One of the things I like most about running this Geocaching blog is be able to hear your comments about various things related to the hobby. Today I was just sitting here and I started thinking about all of the different locations we have discovered …

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