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    Why I like Geocaches Placed at Homes


    It’s unintended, but funny that my last post was about nano’s, which is probably the least popular cache container because today’s post is about caches placed at people’s homes, which seems to be fairly unpopular too And I personally like both nanos and caches placed …

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  • Easy Button

    What are Pocket Queries?


    Pocket Queries are the “Easy Button” of Geocaching! I was a long-time Cacher before learning what they were, so although you may already know all about them, I can only assume there are alot of Cachers who, like me, have been caching for a while …

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  • Bomb Scare

    Geocaching Bomb Scare -or- Smart Geocaching


    It’s been a long while since I’ve written a post here. I’ve been a busy guy getting things packed, moved and unpacked into our new home. Unfortunately that means I haven’t had much time for caching lately Now that things are settled down that’s about …

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    Geocaching Preparation – How do you Record Cache Details before a Hunt?


    When we first started Geocaching in order for us to know the details of each cache we were about to look for I would take a piece of paper and write down the Geocache code so we know which one to plug into the GPS, …

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  • Geocachingfun

    Geocaching wasn’t Invented for Me or You it was Invented for Me AND You!


    Every person on Earth who takes up the hobby/sport (whatever you want to call it) of Geocaching does it for fun. I guess some may do it just to get off of their butt, but I’m pretty sure every single person who does it gets …

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  • Geocaching Benefits

    Make Geocaching more than just a Hobby!


    Just about every time I explain what Geocaching is to someone (which is pretty often because I mention it to just about every new person I meet ) I see a confused look on their face. You know, the kind that’s like “ok, WHY would …

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