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  • Winter Geocaching

    Winter Geocaching Tips and Motivation


    It’s winter time in the U.S. and many other Countries on this side of the World. That means less geocaching for some, but for others it just means that they have slightly more of a challenge now. My goal for this post is to provide …

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  • Code

    How to add Links and Images to Geocache Listings


    One thing I’m sure many Geocachers wonder is how some people add images, links and flashy design elements to their Geocache listings. The answer is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) which is basically the code that your Internet browser, like Internet Explorer, reads in order to …

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  • Paf

    The Advantages of Phone a Friend “PAF”


    by: Larry Sullivan (localbiz) How did you get involved in geocaching? Did a friend introduce you to it – taking you out and showing you the ropes? Or did you read about it online/offline and decided to try it? For me it was the later. …

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  • Geocaching Tips

    Geocaching Tips for Beginners


    1. Don’t look for the container – As odd as that may sound it’s a good piece of advice. I, like many new Geocachers, remember looking for the container. I was always looking for something sticking out from a hole or hanging from something. During …

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