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  • Geocard

    Geocaching Trading Cards Kickstarter Funding


    Here at we love all things related to geocaching, and we get excited when we see people bringing new ideas and products to our hobby/sport. Recently we got a Facebook message from our friends over at about an exciting project they are working …

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  • Coming Soon

    Geocaching Logbooks


    Download FREE geocaching log sheets! Happy Caching!0.5″ Color Log: 0.5″ Color Log | 0.5″ Color Log Refill 1.00″ Color Log 1.00″ Color Log | 1.00″ Color Log Refill 1.25″ Black FTF 1.25″ Black FTF | 1.25″ Black FTF Refill 1.25″ Color FTF 1.25″ Color FTF …

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  • Swiss Army Knife

    Geocaching Swiss Army Knife Tutorials


    If you’ve found this site, chances are you’ve already fallen in love with geocaching. If you’re just starting out – you’re soon to be smitten we’re sure. While there are a number of websites now where you can do queries in order to find caches, …

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  • Pretty P1

    Geocaching Jewelry – Special Offer!


    Hello, fellow Mad Cachers! As part of the changes we’re making to this site, one of our goals is to offer deals and opportunities to the Geocaching community.  We’re happy to now offer you our very first deal… Have you ever had trouble finding a …

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