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  • 101 Devil Caches

    101 Devil Caches – Madcacher Book


    What is our book about? Ej and I enjoy challenging geocaches and sought to create a collection of really “devilish” hides. This book is a mix of our own ideas, as well as others we’ve come across in our travels. Do you operate a geocaching …

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    Geocaching with GaryM53


    As I’ve stated previously, my dad is a pretty serious geocacher. He is the reason I started geocaching and has given me the opportunity to look for cache’s in unique locations. After speaking with him the other night, he agreed to answer some quick questions …

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    For the uninitiated, geocoins are custom made coins that function much like a traditional travel bug. Each coin has a tracking number the owner can choose to activate and send on missions, or simply keep in a personal collection. Geocoins are often unique works of …

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    Geocaching Bandanas, Uses and Tips


    We’ve already gone over what we keep in our geocaching kit or backpack. Some thing else I never geocache without? A bandana! Some people think they may make you look like a “hippy” or a “gangster”, but for me they just make someone look like …

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  • Captain America

    Travel Bug Woes


    Before setting out on any geocaching adventure I always look to see what cache’s contain travel bugs. There is something exciting about finding an item with a story, that has traveled long distances and more often than not, has a family anxiously waiting for the …

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  • Me1

    Moving East


    Madcacher and Navicache have relocated! We’ve packed up and moved our headquarters! We had previously been located in Upstate NY, in a little town called Canandaigua. Due to changes in my (Ejs) work conditions, we’re now located in Portland, Maine. We’re both extremely excited about …

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  • Pickup Line

    Geocaching Pickup Lines


    Love can sprout up pretty much anywhere and since geocaching at it’s core is nothing more than seeking and finding some elusive thing, it allows for some rather interesting geocaching pick up lines. The idea for the following list came about while explaining geocaching to …

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