What is your most Memorable Geocache Location (GZ?)


One of the things I like most about running this Geocaching blog is be able to hear your comments about various things related to the hobby. Today I was just sitting here and I started thinking about all of the different locations we have discovered as a result of our Geocaching adventures. And it made me wonder how many other cool spots have been discovered by other cachers like you.

My most memorable wasn’t anything special, but it was the first cache I ever found! It was in Dietzenbach, Germany while vacationing there. A good friend of mine told me about Geocaching and brought us all out to a small woods near his home at the time. In that woods was an old well, which is where I found the cache. That cache’s name is Alte Quelle (pictured above.)


So tell me, what is your most memorable Geocache Location?

  1. Joe Garrett
    Joe Garrett08-27-2010

    I’ve been to a lot of good ones, but my favorites are always sitting above a stream someplace, chillin’ out, groovin’ to the water going by.

  2. Matt Ettinger
    Matt Ettinger08-27-2010

    Mine is GCYRME it’s actually at GGPO house in their bird house!!!! It’s an awsome cache and a fun find. It’s located in Sherwood Park, Ab, CA and it’s in a really nice area!

  3. Sean

    Not so much the location just the Experience. I took my son who was about 2 1/2 at the time on his first Geocache “or finding treasure” as he puts it, we had a blast. Now every time we pass that spot in the car he says “can we go find more treasure daddy” priceless….

  4. joytoy1963

    Most memorable ever (GC21H5T) Where Vultures Dare!! A D/T 5/5.

  5. QuesterMark

    A couple of years ago, when it was still okay, there was a cache located on the Appalachian Trail in eastern Tennessee. This particular cache was next to a road, so that we could grab it as part of a road trip.

    The cache was down in a hole in a tree. It was a good size container and it was about twilight when we got there, so we were hunting it with the aid of my gazillion-candlepower rechargeable light.

    Anyway, we had to jump a ditch between the road and the trail area, then step across some convenient rocks to get to the actual container.

    The important thing is that that cache is my wife’s favorite of all we’ve done, and she gets so excited just thinking about it that it’s my favorite too.

  6. Don Kaczmer
    Don Kaczmer08-29-2010

    The one cache that comes to mind was the one in Bolingbrook, IL. My fellow cacher,Joe the mailman and I had walked about 1/2 mile and realized you could not get to the coords because of a body of water. So after backtracking all the way around this water, we came to the site and found a big pile of rocks. We both looked around for quite a while and nothing was happening. Finally I got lucky and leaned on a rock to get a better look on top of the pile…and the rock moved way too easily. Sure enough, that was the cache, inside a fake rock. Very clever.

  7. firennice

    A friend and i drove within a 1/2 mile of a peak in Utah. We finished the simple hike to 11200 feet. It was a fantastic spot.

    No cache there, but there was a benchmark we wanted. But we left a cache.

  8. Lia Steinberg
    Lia Steinberg09-14-2010

    My most memorable geocaching experience was my trip to Butler, PA this past summer. My boyfriend and I spent the entire day on our bikes discovering so many geocaches on the Butler-Freeport trail. The area was breathtaking and the weather was perfect. I enjoyed being outside with my loved ones while experiencing the great outdoors.

  9. amy

    How about geocaching that involves an awesome prize? There is a cool geocaching event going on in the U.S. right now around the new book The Skin Map by best-selling author Stephen Lawhead. There are 50 caches all over the U.S. and clues are released here: http://brightempires.com/hunt – It’s being called the ultimate treasure hunt. With an iPad on the line, it may be!

  10. Skotty8191

    My most memorable was my 1st cache. I had just purchased a new auto gps for my company and while updating the map, garmin asked if I wanted to join a geocaching community. After googling “geocaching”, I joined geocaching.com and got my 1st set of coordinates. I punched out @ 6 pm and took the gps w/ me. I found myself hiking through woods w/ my work clothes on. I found the cache box in a hollow log and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  11. Stinger503

    GCA0ED is first, it was my 200th and took us the better part of the day. If you love history and a challenge, go for it!

    GCW8CM is nearby which comes in my top 5 too!

  12. Eirik

    I have three sharing the top position…
    This one was, and still is a DNF about 4 miles from home. It’s a pain in the a** but the location is one of the nicest I’ve been to geocaching.

    Another one is one I remember, not for the location itself (not a bad one though!) but for what I met at the cache. A small bird was sitting right beside the 35mm canister… I didn’t notice it at first, but I probably scared the hell out of him reaching in for the cache… I took a picture but I have the wrong computer with me now…

    The third one is just two miles from the one with the bird. It’s a 1.4km perfectly straight road from the main road to the beach.
    N 57° 32.556
    E 10° 25.717
    (The road, not the cache…)
    It’s in Denmark… Im from a part of Norway where a 1.4km straigt road is about as rare as a pile of gold bars in the woods…

    Going to Orlando this summer so I expect to update my list… =D

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