Geocaching Preparation – How do you Record Cache Details before a Hunt?


When we first started Geocaching in order for us to know the details of each cache we were about to look for I would take a piece of paper and write down the Geocache code so we know which one to plug into the GPS, the hint (if given,) the cache size, the difficulty if 3 star or more, any info in the description that I believe may help find the cache and if one or more of the last few logs were DNF’s I add that too, just so I know that it may not be there.

After our first 100 finds or so, I got tired of spending 20+ minutes writing all of that stuff down. That’s when we started printing out the full cache page. It’s much quicker and easier, but it takes alot of paper and printer ink, especially if you have a long day of caching planned.

There are a few programs out there that help with this. The most popular is called the “Geocaching Swiss Army Knife” (GSAK) but in my experience it’s incredibly confusing and difficult to use. As a matter of fact, I uninstalled it on the same down I installed it because it just gave me a headache trying to figure it out.

SO, I’m on a mission to make cache hunt preparation quicker, easier and far less complicated! I’m going to have a piece of software developed that is simple to use… does exactly what needs to be done, nothing more and nothing less!

But I need your help! I need to know how you prepare for your hunts. I know those using iPhones are all set (I’m jealous :( and may end up leaving verizon just so I can get an iPhone.)

But if you aren’t a spoiled iPohone user 😉 please let me know how you prepare. Do you write down cache info? Do you print the cache pages out like we do? Do you use software?


I’ll be using the info I get from you in order to have this software developed and you’ll have the opportunity to use it once it’s finished.

Thanks and Happy Caching!

img credit: Oberazzi

  1. yodelingo

    We’ve discovered that having a map along makes for a much happier caching experience. I use the snipping tool (came with my windows 7) to copy and paste a map of the geocaches in the area we’re hunting in from to a word document. I let it number them, and then snip and copy/paste the names and GC numbers from the map page as well. Then, I download the caches to my garmin, and as I’m doing that I look at the cache info/hints etc and write down on my printed map anything that I think might help. Out in the field, if we’re struggling we use a smartphone to revisit the webpage, but we don’t turn to that first.
    Oh, and I’ve started carrying a highlighter to mark our found caches on both the map and the list. Helps us be more efficient and not miss anything.

  2. kayakjim

    Just recently started geocaching and have found this same dilemma like so many others. I’ve visiting and copying the information I want to have with me and pasting it into notepad for each cache I’m on the hunt for that day. I then copy and paste that long list into an email message to myself. I simply open that email message on my phone and scroll to the cache I’m after.

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