What are Virtual Caches?


Have you been searching for a geocache and seen an icon that looks like one of the angry ghosts from the Super Mario games? Wondering why this cache icon looks different than you may be used to? You’ve stumbled upon a “grandfathered” type of cache called a virtual cache.

While searching for geocaches might bring you to some interesting places to find a cache, with a virtual cache the location is the cache! There is no logbook, no container – only the realization of finding a place that a fellow geocacher thought was worth visiting.

Logging a virtual cache often requires an action on your part. Maybe you need to find an answer to a question, take a picture, maybe you need to do ten jumping jacks, do a handstand or do the moonwalk. The point being that the creator of the cache is the one setting the rules on you being able to log this as a find.

What do we mean by saying that these caches “grandfathered”? It means that at one time in the past the owners of geocaching.com allowed virtual caches to be created and posted on the website. They have since stopped allowing this, but allowed the virtual caches that were already in place to remain there. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can still share your favorite locations in this manner, just on another site run by the same people! Check out www.waymarking.com where “virtual caches” can be posted as waymarks.

Do you have a favorite virtual cache? We’d love to hear about it either on here or via our facebook page! Post a comment below or send us a note by going to our contact us page. 

  1. L&Lkayakers

    When I go to a virtual cache that I want to do. I have to send the info via email to the person who made the cache. But I do not know how to find that email to send the find. Can you help me know how to find that email to send?

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