What is Geocaching?


Geocaching is an outdoors GPS “treasure hunting” game, which began in 2000, where people hide small, waterproof containers, called “Caches,” in various spots all over the world (currently over 100 countries throughout the world.)

Inside the caches you’ll find a piece of paper or notepad (log book) for people who find it to sign, and often times, but not always, trackable items such as “Travel Bugs,” which resemble Military dog tags, and Coins and small toys and trinkets. Once placed, the owner logs the grid coordinates on the official Geocaching site so others can find them, enjoy the location, log their visit and possibly trade some small items.

In general the game seems a bit dull, but many of those who give it a shot and experience their first cache are Geocachers for life :)

So what’s so fun about finding a little box with toys in it?

That’s a good question. The fun isn’t just in what you find inside the cache, although most kids LOVE finding new toys and going on adventures. No, the true fun is discovering new locations, many of which you never knew existed, and meeting new friends along the way. (It’s also a healthy hobby to get into! You’re getting fresh air, relieving stress and exercising your mind and your body!)

However, there is something to say about starting a Travel Bug, or releasing a Coin, and watching it go from cache to cache and eventually back to you, many times after a trip around the world!

Geocaching truly is a fun sport and an excellent hobby! Whether you do it for the exercise, because your kids love it or for other reasons, there are thousands and thousands of great people around the world willing to welcome you to new and exciting places where they’ve enjoyed and they invite you to enjoy as well!

  1. Glark Blue
    Glark Blue01-03-2009

    Hi Mad Cacher- Just started the family on geocaching and your right- outdoor fun, no dam video games!
    take care and Happy New Year

  2. Rick Imby
    Rick Imby01-05-2009

    I have a couple of friends that are really into it. I am looking to start. Thanks for the basic information.


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