What is the Best Geocaching GPS?


Garmin 010-00422-00 GPSMAP 60CSx Garmin 010-00422-00 GPSMAP 60CSx

The best GPS for Geocaching is by far the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx! The price is a bit higher than some of the cheaper ones, but you will be so glad you spent the few extra bucks to get this thing!

First off it’s far more accurate than the others. And secondly it has the ability to receive cache details directly from Geocaching.com which means paperless caching!

What paperless caching means to you is no more wasting a half-hour or more writing down cache details before your hunt and it also means no more wasting paper and killing trees.

This is also the #1 rated GPS by actual Geocachers on the Geocaching website, so there is no doubt at all that this is by far the best GPS for geocaching! 

  1. The Crazy Cacher Crew "CCC"
    The Crazy Cacher Crew "CCC"01-21-2010

    Agreed!! We’ve been caching for 3 years now with over 1,000 finds under our belts. We started out with an eTrex. It wasn’t accurate and it was a pain having to write down cache info before the hunt.

    We bought a 60CSx about a year ago and WOW Geocaching is FUN again lol

    It makes it so much more fun and easy and we’re even saving paper so we’re “Green” too lol

  2. josh

    Agreed this is the best gps for geocaching. I don’t have it, I have the Gpsmap 60, which has no color screen or digital compass. Just couldn’t justify spending almost $200 more for this model when my 60 works perfect. The CSX has a high sensitivity chipset though, but my unit locks on hard and never drops a sat, so… when my 60 breaks i will def be getting the csx unless garmin puts out a better one.

  3. Bob

    The GPS I use is The Magellan Tritan it also holds 1000 and is has all the info inside so I can cache paperless. These two skills are a must for the serious cacher. I have never used the garmin but all I have heard is good.

  4. totallygomer

    While I agree that this is probably the best GPS available for geocaching, I have to give a nod to my Nuvi.

    I can’t say that the Nuvi is highly accurate, but it is reliable. It routes me to the cache site in street mode until I get close, when I switch it over to “off road” mode where it guides me right to the coords. I use the “Custom POI” feature, in conjunction with a GSAK GPX file generator, and can hold over 1 million complete cache descriptions with logs and hint decoder. A downloadable topo map makes it even better.

    For me, I just download, make a list of which ones I am aiming for, and hit the road. The only downside to the Nuvi is that it only contains a rechargable battery. While I never have to buy batteries for it, I can’t change batteries either. With just a 3 hour battery life, it makes long hiking outings a little tough, but I’m working on a solution for that as well.

  5. philfromktown

    I can’t agree, I have a delorme pn-40 that is about as acurate if not more and costs about the same the only problem is the extra $100 you have to spend to get the maps that come with the delorme already. If you need more maps for the delorme you can subscribe for all the maps you want for $30 a year. the batteries last a little better on the 60csx but I wouldn’t trade my delorme and if I had the money I would get the new pn-60 that will even log your finds from anywhere in the field.

  6. 812Deac

    I tend to agree with “philfromktown” on the PN-40. also had PN-20. PN-60 has ton of promise. PN-40 has been very accurate as is the compass. Altimeter is a nice touch, too. Downloadable aerial and satellite imagery overlays are a plus.

  7. Jonathan

    I am on the delorme PN40 bandwagon as well. I purchased this after having the Magellan explorist GC. The compass and altimeter are critical to finding caches, in my opinion. It doesn’t hold as many caches but the dual processors make the rendering of maps super fast. Also, the free maps and $30 unlimited updates per year are the best deal out there. I am looking hard at getting the PN60 which has even more capability. The Explorist GC is a little short on features in my opinion.

  8. MikenKaren

    The Delorme PN60wSE is the ultimate Geocaching GPS unit. I can load 1000 GPS’s into a file and can literally have 1000’s of different files on the internal 16GB memory or the 32GB SD disk. For a full time RV’er and geocacher, I can load GPS hides for every city that I will be going to and along each and every highway I take to get there. I have over 2500 caches loaded into 10 different files on the internal memory. It shows less than 5 percent used. I can upload field notes and log finds from the scene via the SPOT device that it is paired with. NO better GPS is there for Geocaching!!!

  9. Brian

    I own the 60CSx and while I agree it is very accurate and well built, how does it do PAPERLESS geocaching? I don’t think it has that feature, you don’t see notes etc from the caches.

  10. Mel

    Garmin now has upgraded the 60CSX with the 62S. It does paperless caching, holds 2,000 waypoints has excellent accuracy (usually 8 feet) the antenna is very sensitive in areas like canyons. The controls are the same as the 60CSX so you are familiar with it right away. The new 62SC has a camera to geotag places, they are a little pricey but REI had the 62S on sale for $279, hope that returns. The new Montana is quite a unit also, but I am not a fan of touch screens, again pricey. Right now I am very happy with the 62S, it also receives CHIRP data.

  11. Kurt

    I am confused at this blog/ad for the Garmin 60csx. Which I own and have used for a few years finding hundreds of geocaches. However the issue is of the factual information on this unit. This model is NOT paperless caching. The 60csx does not have paperless caching feature and this is older model. The newer models of coarse do offer this feeture….but if for some miracle it has paperless caching please let me know

  12. Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson04-16-2012

    I use the Garmin GPSmap 76csx which does an awesome job. It does not come with paperless cahcine but I use a macro with GSAK that loads POIs with hints and notes that makes it paperless. The 60csx has the same capability using the same GSAK macro.

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