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  • Letterboxing

    Letterboxing – What is Letterboxing?


    When a long-time Geocacher explains Geocaching they often say “It’s like letterboxing.” I know when I first heard of Geocaching that’s exactly what I heard. I immediately said “oh ok. And what is letterboxing?” So I decided to write a little post explaining what letterboxing …

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  • Home

    Why I like Geocaches Placed at Homes


    It’s unintended, but funny that my last post was about nano’s, which is probably the least popular cache container because today’s post is about caches placed at people’s homes, which seems to be fairly unpopular too And I personally like both nanos and caches placed …

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  • Nano

    Nano Caches – Are they REALLY That Bad?


    I’m sure 90% of my audience HATES nanos. Are you one of them? I’ve never understood why so many people dislike them so I thought I would write a quick post to start a discussion on the topic. I do realize we all have our …

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  • Memorable

    What is your most Memorable Geocache Location (GZ?)


    One of the things I like most about running this Geocaching blog is be able to hear your comments about various things related to the hobby. Today I was just sitting here and I started thinking about all of the different locations we have discovered …

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  • Paperless

    Paperless Geocaching with Smart Phones


    Now that I’ve somehow ended up with a BlackBerry Curve, an iPhone and an iPad, I’ve been doing alot of paperless caching lately with them. And since I’m far from being an expert on paperless caching with smart phones, I’m hoping to strike up a …

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  • Travel Bug

    How to Prevent Travel Bugs and Coins from going Missing


    I have a sneaky little trick up my sleeve 😉 Have you ever released a Travel bug or Coin into the Geocaching wild, only for a fellow cacher to lose it, a muggle to take it or for it to just go missing for one …

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  • Geocache Hiding Spot

    Geocache Hiding Spot Ideas


    Many of us find just as much thrill, if not more, in hiding caches as we do in finding them. But finding fun, creative places to hide them can be a challenge. So I’m writing this post today to START a list, that I hope …

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