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  • Micro Cache Log

    Free Geocaching Log Sheets Download


    Download FREE geocaching log sheets! Happy Caching!0.5″ Color Log: 0.5″ Color Log | 0.5″ Color Log Refill1.00″ Color Log 1.00″ Color Log | 1.00″ Color Log Refill 1.25″ Black FTF 1.25″ Black FTF | 1.25″ Black FTF Refill 1.25″ Color FTF 1.25″ Color FTF | …

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  • Geocaching Benefits

    Make Geocaching more than just a Hobby!


    Just about every time I explain what Geocaching is to someone (which is pretty often because I mention it to just about every new person I meet ) I see a confused look on their face. You know, the kind that’s like “ok, WHY would …

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  • Geocaching Tools

    Essential Geocaching Equipment – What’s in your Geocaching bag?


    Whether you’re new to Geocaching or you’re just getting started, you most likely have a bag of some type, which you carry with you when you’re on your geocaching adventures. If you don’t then I highly recommend getting one and and filling it with the …

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  • Geocaching Tips

    Geocaching Tips for Beginners


    1. Don’t look for the container – As odd as that may sound it’s a good piece of advice. I, like many new Geocachers, remember looking for the container. I was always looking for something sticking out from a hole or hanging from something. During …

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  • GPS

    What is the Best Geocaching GPS?


    Garmin 010-00422-00 GPSMAP 60CSx The best GPS for Geocaching is by far the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx! The price is a bit higher than some of the cheaper ones, but you will be so glad you spent the few extra bucks to get this thing! First …

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  • Geocaching

    What is Geocaching?


    Geocaching is an outdoors GPS “treasure hunting” game, which began in 2000, where people hide small, waterproof containers, called “Caches,” in various spots all over the world (currently over 100 countries throughout the world.) Inside the caches you’ll find a piece of paper or notepad …

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