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  • How To Make A Cryptex1

    Geocaching Cryptex, How To Build


    Puzzle caches are one of my favorite types of geocaches to hunt for as they offer an additional challenge to overcome even after you’ve located what you’re fellow geocachers have left for you. Recently I got the idea that I might want to build a …

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  • Magnet

    Geocaching and Magnets


    Geocaches are a tricky thing by their very nature, which is one of the great things about geocaching. While some people may hide their caches to be found quickly and without much effort (we call this a “cache and dash”) others take pleasure in placing …

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  • Scale

    Losing Weight with Geocaching


    *Always talk to a doctor before starting a weight loss regime, the content here, and the links provided should not be seen as a substitute for professional guidance from a trained physician What is geocaching but walking/hiking with a purpose? It seems like everywhere you …

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  • Virtual Cache

    What are Virtual Caches?


    Have you been searching for a geocache and seen an icon that looks like one of the angry ghosts from the Super Mario games? Wondering why this cache icon looks different than you may be used to? You’ve stumbled upon a “grandfathered” type of cache …

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  • Coming Soon

    Geocaching Logbooks


    Download FREE geocaching log sheets! Happy Caching!0.5″ Color Log: 0.5″ Color Log | 0.5″ Color Log Refill 1.00″ Color Log 1.00″ Color Log | 1.00″ Color Log Refill 1.25″ Black FTF 1.25″ Black FTF | 1.25″ Black FTF Refill 1.25″ Color FTF 1.25″ Color FTF …

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  • Contest

    2012 Madcacher Contest


    CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED It’s time to launch the first Madcacher contest of 2012!  To start things off, we’ll award 5 lucky winners each with a collection of soda bottle molds. Soda bottle molds are great for keeping your log sheets dry and are highly …

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  • Ftf

    Geocachers, Pirates of Swag


    Guest content author;  Rachel Cohn Hello Madcachers! One of the most exciting things we get to do as part of taking over this site is to get to interact with all of you; whether it’s on our Facebook page or through comments here on the …

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