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  • Ej One Tough Mudder

    Hardcore Geocaching – Tough Mudder NorCal


      About a year ago I weighed around 50 lbs. more and was just turning 30. Geocaching though a fun pastime just wasn’t keeping the growing waistline from happening – nor keeping the middle age creaks and pains from encroaching. So last October I decided …

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  • New

    The MadCacher – Under new management!


    It’s true folks, The Mad Cacher is under new management. Two GeoCaching Nuts, who have been fans of this site for awhile, wanted to create a place on the web to share their GeoCaching experiences and provide helpful hints to others. As they brainstormed how …

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  • Winning

    Geocaching Contest Winner Announced


    Well, I’m a day late, but I’m not a dollar short. I’ve had alot going on this week and didn’t get a chance to announce the winner of the Geocaching Blog Contest at noon on Thursday as promised… sorry about that! Without further ado, the …

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  • Winner

    MadCacher’s 2011 Geocaching Contest!


    With the new year comes a new contest giving you a chance to win a bunch of cool Geocaching stuff! I’ll make it short and sweet. It’s very simple. How to Enter: It will take you about 20 seconds: 1. “Like” the MadCacher on Facebook …

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  • Cacheatnight

    The Night Caching Geocoin – A Perfect Geocaching Gift


    I just came across this neat “Night Caching” geocoin and since Christmas is right around the corner I figured this would be a good time to send out a gift recommendation for that Geocacher in your life, or maybe a gift for yourself? =) I’ve …

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  • Opencaching

    “OpenCaching” Garmin’s Shady Ripoff Of


    ***A note to our readers! This posting was put up by the original owner of the website. We do not share this sentiment and think the more caches in the world the merrier. We had thought about deleting this post, and actually did briefly remove it …

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  • Benchmarking

    Benchmarking – What is Benchmarking


    Beginning with my last post “What is Letterboxing” I want to write about some of the hobbies that are related to or directly associated with Geocaching, yet many of us Geocachers don’t know a whole lot about. The next one I’ll admit, once again, I …

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