Geocaching and Magnets


Geocaches are a tricky thing by their very nature, which is one of the great things about geocaching. While some people may hide their caches to be found quickly and without much effort (we call this a “cache and dash”) others take pleasure in placing a cache that will be difficult to find. Some people will hide a cache that is very small (often called a nano cache) or items that are well camouflaged to look like another item. We tend to fall into the group of people who like to make their caches as hard to find as possible, and I have to admit: seeing people log a DNF (Did Not Find) makes me smile every time. Of course we always do offer extra hints if someone takes the time to ask!

One of our favorite tricks is actually pretty simple and one that has been around for a long time: magnets. Some cache containers like nano caches may even already have magnets attached to them. If not, they are easily attached using epoxy or crazy glue.

Using magnets you can stick a cache in urban environments in places or on things that will make your caches invisible to muggles (a popular term for people who are not aware of geocaching). Some caches have even been created to look like old bolts and other items that use magnets to hold themselves in place.

Here are some clever (we think) places to use magnets when hiding your next geocache;

  • Behind a stop or other road sign
  • Under a park bench
  • Against a light pole
  • Against a guardrail
  • Dumpsters
  • Fences
  • Underneath bridges or along rain gutters

Here are some links to cache products available for sale on Amazon that use magnets to hide themselves;

Have you used magnets to hide caches before? If so we want to hear about it! Leave us a message on our facebook wall, use our contact page or leave a comment below!

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