Geocachers, Pirates of Swag


Guest content author;  Rachel Cohn

Hello Madcachers! One of the most exciting things we get to do as part of taking over this site is to get to interact with all of you; whether it’s on our Facebook page or through comments here on the site. More and more we’ve been asking you, our devoted readers and contributors to offer up your geocaching stories for posting here on the site. We’re happy to say that someone finally took us up on that offer and we’re happy to share her guest narrative below, along with a video she produced and posted to youtube.


When I first heard about geocaching, I certainly had my doubts.  My mother and sister quickly became infatuated with it, but I, trying to maintain my status as the coolest member of our family, refused to participate in the activity.  However, only a few weeks after my mother tried to introduce me to geocaching, my friends asked me if I would like to go geocaching with them.  I was shocked that my mother was participating in an activity that could be socially acceptable! So I decided to give it a try.

I quickly became obsessed.  Over the summer, my friends and I found around 30 caches, and had a wonderful time in the process.  We would all compete to see who could find the cache first, running around like maniacs trying to seem sane in front of muggles (non-cachers).  So when I went to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU this summer and needed to select a topic for my short film, I of course immediately went to geocaching.

I knew that geocaching was not un-popular, but I still felt as if I needed to help bring light to what geocaching is and help spread the word.  When I pitched the idea to my professor, he immediately liked it.  I wrote the script for my short film, drawing from my previous geocaching experiences to help show what is so great about geocaching.  And I must say, I think that my film accomplished what I had hoped.

After every showing of my film, I have many people come up to me and ask me if geocaching is real.  Even the actors in my film, George Booth and Sally Fowler, both became avid geocachers after their wonderful performances in Geocachers: Pirates of Swag.  I love filmmaking, and I love geocaching, and I’m very pleased that I could incorporate both of these loves into an entertaining, yet informative five minute film.  I hope that my film will continue to help spread the word of geocaching, and how fun it is!

Thank you Rachel for sharing the story of how you fell into this hobby, and your video – I love the quality and time put into this! What did you guys think of her video?

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