MadCacher’s 2011 Geocaching Contest!


With the new year comes a new contest giving you a chance to win a bunch of cool Geocaching stuff! :)

I’ll make it short and sweet. It’s very simple.

How to Enter:

It will take you about 20 seconds:
1. “Like” the MadCacher on Facebook
2. Follow the MadCacher on Twitter (If you don’t have an account it’s easy and free to join and there are LOTS of Geocachers on Twitter)
3. Copy and Paste the following on Twitter (copy everything between the quotation marks) ” @MadCacher is giving away #Geocaching stuff! The details are at: ” You can post something similar on Facebook too if you like, but that’s not required.

(If you already follow the MadCacher on Facebook and Twitter you only have to complete #3 to be entered)

Two weeks from today, on January 20th at 12 noon EST I will pick a random winner using a randomizer program that basically mixes up as many words as you put in it and picks one randomly. I’ll manually check to see if that user has completed all three steps. If that use has not I will do it again until I find a user who has completed all three steps. If the Twitter account and/or Facebook account seem spammy that user will not win. All profiles must be legitimate.

The winner will be announced here on the blog on the 20th of Jan.


What does the Winner Get?
A box full of Geocaching goodies including Geocoins, Travel Bugs, Nanno containers at least one Gear Pod, log sheets and possibly a few more goodies 😉

  1. Bronwyn

    Great way to Start the new year with a geocaching contest!! Love this idea!

  2. Stacey Cockrell
    Stacey Cockrell01-06-2011

    I tweeted! I already liked you on facebook.

  3. GeoNeecie

    How many times can we be entered?



  4. JimDoss

    Already follow you on Twitter. Liked on Facebook. :-)

  5. G Briar
    G Briar01-06-2011

    Thanks anyway, Josh. I am already with you on Fb, but do NOT intend to join Twitter. Appreciate the blog and the mailings. Happy New Year

  6. Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson01-06-2011

    I am following you on twitter and now I like you on facebook! What a great contest!!!! Love your Blog!

  7. admin

    Thanks, glad everyone is liking it :)

    @ GeoNeecie – Just once.

    @ G Briar – Fair enough. Thanks for the connection on Facebook anyway.

  8. Networkcacher

    Already follow you on Twitter but I’m not going anywhere near that Facebook *&!^.

  9. Geobloggen

    Nice contest! I “liked” you on facebook, and was already following you on Twitter. Hoping I’m going to win 😀

  10. UnusualKirsten

    Great idea! I “liked” your facebook page. :)

  11. adilts1257

    I already liked you on Facebook, added you on Twitter. Even posted the link on the Cachers group page on Facebook. Hope I win!

  12. DaveBrews

    Thanks for the contest!

  13. Don Bruechert
    Don Bruechert01-06-2011

    Mission accomplished, all steps completed and shared on facebook as well.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Scott Snavely
    Scott Snavely01-07-2011

    I already liked you on Facebook, followed you on Twitter and tweeted the required info.

  15. ErikaJean

    I “Liked” you on FB
    I’m already following you.
    And I tweeted too! (!/_ErikaJean_/status/23186819659079680)

    BTW, as having held some contests myself… I just wanted to let you know for the future it is a LOT easier to keep track if you create a unique hashtag to search like “#MCblogcontest” or something 😉

  16. Darlinsue

    Hope I did it right – first time on twitter – used to facebook. Great idea a contest – hope I win. :)

  17. Siobhan

    I liked you on FB and am now following you twitter and tweeted to. 😀

  18. Orjan

    Great idea, just completed!
    Greetings from Norway! :)

  19. RDLtrekker

    Thanks for the contest! A great way to start the geocaching year!

  20. Eric @familycampman
    Eric @familycampman01-09-2011

    Tweeted. Great contest

  21. Robert McCready
    Robert McCready01-09-2011

    Just completed all three.
    Swamper68 on Twitter!

    Crossing my fingers and watching for the goodies!
    Good luck to all and a great way to attract people! I will have to put that in my memory box of things to do!

    Thanks for the contest!

  22. margie

    I tweeted and liked on facebook. I am faithnfibro on twitter.

  23. Lissus

    FB’d and Tweeted 😀

  24. Wendell

    I guess I’ll sit this one out. I don’t twitter. I have account there, Just to much crap to deal with. Good Luck Everyone on this Contest!! 😀

  25. Wendell

    What the heck, I’m following now & I guess I click on the right “Likes” on FB too??

  26. Wendell

    I wonder if I did the twitter part right on the copy & paste??

  27. Brenda

    Done! I already followed you on Twitter and “liked” you on Facebook so doing step 3 was easy.
    I am brendah_ on Twitter!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  28. Wendell

    oh, I’m wildmaninreed on Twitter 😀

  29. Paurian

    Followed all 3 steps. Fantastic site you have here!

  30. jgandb

    Both @GizmoGeodog and @jgandb follow you…we’ve liked you on FB and we’ve both tweeted your message…whew! think we’ve got everything now :)

    You can check out @GizmoGeodog’s blog, Terrier Torrent, at
    His next post will be about today’s geocaching expedition.

    Thanks for the Fun!

  31. Carol

    Twitter, Facebook, and twittered. :)

  32. Dale Jones
    Dale Jones08-30-2011

    Hey everyone,

    Check out Lavahound. It is geocaching with photos. It is great fun. Hope the caching is going well!


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