Name The Madcacher Contest


Hello Madcachers! Kurt and I love contests and were just commenting about how we needed to have another one after how successful our first contest of 2012 ended up. (congrats again to all the winners!)

Before we get to the contest though, what are we giving away? Kurt has been hard at work on designing a t-shirt with our mascot on it and we’re going to get 3 of them made as tests. One will go to each of us, and one for the winner of this contest. That’s right – you get 1 of only 3 t-shirts with our logo on it. Because of the exclusivity the t-shirt will be an XL or L. Imagine how jealous you’re geocaching friends will be when they see you have a geocaching shirt they can’t even buy! We’ll post a photo in mid April of the t-shirt once we receive it!

We’re being a little selfish here though because we need your help! During the last redesign of the website we introduced our mascot; the Madcacher. He’s half mad scientist, half geocacher. But Kurt and I have never been able to agree on his history OR his full name. We’re like brothers: we’re stubborn and HATE to admit the other one might be correct and we might be wrong.


First you MUST be a fan of ours on facebook to enter. If you’re not yet a fan, go to our Facebook fan page, click “like” and you’ve completed the first step!

Second you have to write a short story of around 500 words (no more than 1500 though, let’s keep’em shortish) about the Madcacher. You have to tell a story about him: it could be where he lives, where he came from, him creating an seriously dubious cache, but you MUST reveal what you think his name should be in the story. We won’t post the names of the authors on the stories to keep it fair and square – but we will reveal them after with a short write up of the contest!

We’ll read each and every story you send in! We’ll post the best five stories over the course of the first five days of May on the website and on our facebook wall for others to read! THEN we’ll open up the voting to the public for a week and ask everyone to comment on their favorite story. The story with the most comments wins the contest and gets to name our mascot!

If you’re a teacher or troop leader feel free to have your kids enter as well!

Contest opens NOW. Send your stories to us or via our contact page – we’ll give you the ENTIRE month of April to come up with some good ones! Please leave us a comment below with any questions! Best of luck and thanks for the help!

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