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Car Travel Bug Decals


Click here if you’re looking to buy a Vehicle Travel Bug Decal.

Ever since I posted the story about turning my own car into a travel bug we’ve gotten questions through Facebook and here at the site about where people can order vinyl decals of their own. We even had someone send us a note about how to apply the decal they received – so here ya go!

In the post we noted that I had ordered mine off ebay from a vendor called “Debbie does Decals” and that is still an option! Another option is to head over to our friends at cache advance where there are a few options that were not available when I made my purchase.

Rather than just the white decal you can get them in black, white or even reflective professional grade vinyl. The real exciting option though we think is the “quad” package, which is 4 vinyl travel bugs with the same tracking code. This means you can put the same TB code on multiple cars, motorcycle or anything you want!

If you’re worried about applying the decal, don’t be! The process is quick and simple.

How to Apply Vinyl Decals

Before we can get started we should go over what makes up the vinyl decal you’re going to get in the mail. Each decal is made up of three layers. These layers are as follows:

  • The top layer is called the “transfer layer”.  It looks a little like clear or masking tape. As the name denotes this layer is used to transfer your decal to the surface where you are applying it. It’s also used to protect the decal as you’re applying it.
  • The middle layer is the vinyl decal (travel bug) you’re applying and will come up with the transfer layer when you are read to apply it.
  • The third layer is called the backing layer which can be identified by the wax like paper that is used typically.

You only get one shot at this, so take your time!

First you’ll need to clean the glass completely and make sure you wipe it dry. Since you’ll most likely be putting this on a car window, we also recommend that you don’t put it anywhere that will block your vision. Also make sure that you don’t put it somewhere where the windshield wiper will run across it. This will lead to your decal pealing away over time!

Once you’ve selected where you want to put your new travel bug, position it on the glass and use a couple of pieces of scotch tape along the top. This should result in a type of “hinge” where you can lift up the decal. You could put this “hinge” on the side or bottom if that makes things easier in your application.

Lift up the decal (on the hinge) and peel away the base layer. Keep the masking layer away from the glass. For the next step I recommend you use a credit card. Slowly start to lower the masking layer so that the top part comes into contact with the glass. As you do so, use the credit card to press the decal onto the glass. Continue this until the entire decal is pressed onto the glass.

Using the credit card, and starting at the middle of the decal press the air out working toward the edges. Once you get all of the air out, you’re ready for the final step: removal of the masking layer! Here you need to take your time and SLOWLY peel back the masking layer if you start to peel up the decal: don’t distress! Simply press the masking layer in that spot back down and try again!

Click here if you’re looking to buy a Vehicle Travel Bug Decal.

Thanks and we’ll look for all of you out on the road with your new travel bug decals!

  1. MadCacher

    I just purchased one of these for my car and the response time from Cache-Advance was great!

  2. Cesar Diaz
    Cesar Diaz03-19-2012

    Great article. We put a trackable decal on our SUV about two weeks ago. The kids think it looks cool on the rear windshield, but the best part is that it automatically gets logged on as going with you to all the caches you visit. Gives you a cool way to see the miles traveled on your hunting trips.

    Thanks again for the article.

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