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Here at we love all things related to geocaching, and we get excited when we see people bringing new ideas and products to our hobby/sport. Recently we got a Facebook message from our friends over at about an exciting project they are working on.

Not sure what a geocaching trading card is? Check our their website!

They are currently trying to fund their latest round of cards through what is known as “crowd-funding”. That is; using the geocaching community to help raise funds in order to make this cool product a reality! Don’t worry, it’s not a charity ask at all; you get rewards based on how much you donate. If you like the concept, follow the embedded links and go and be part of the action!

We asked Shane Holmes who runs the site to give a break down to share with you all, here is his write up:

Geocaching Trading Cards – History Series II

First there were Geocoins, and then there were PathTags, and now there are Geocaching Trading Cards. My very first personal signature item was a GeoLobo plastic token. They were very inexpensive but they didn’t quite have the wow factor I was seeking, so I ordered Geocoins. The geocoins turned out to be quite expensive and I was hesitant to leave them geocaches. In 2008 I decided to create a trading card based off from the Topps baseball style card we were all used to as kids.

I have made a new personal trading card each year since. Other geocachers subsequently ran with the idea,

Geocaching Trading cards at

Geocaching Trading Card

designing their own versions – most using a “template-style” trading card (a card where everyone shares the same theme and background). Notable examples include those produced for the Going Coastal Mega event, the Louisiana Geocaching Legends, and more recently by FTF Geocacher magazine.

Most of all of these cards can be seen on the Geocaching Trading Cards facebook site.

In the early part of 2012 I came up with an idea of creating a trading card series related to the history of geocaching.

The first 10 cards I financed personally. They became a hit in my local area; therefore I decided to create an additional set of 10 cards using the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter. I have since created the beginnings of a new series – “Terminology A-Z” and I am currently using Kickstarter to fund a Geocaching History Series II.

Anyone interested in a set of the new cards or a set of all the cards made to date, can do so by pledging on the new Kickstarter project Geocaching History Series II. Each pledge helps to further the geocaching trading card community. Each successful project helps to successfully fund the next project (e.g., cards from earlier projects are combined with cards from the new projects in order to help garner new pledges). There is no profit made off from these cards. Any additional funding raised is used to create additional cards (Kickstarter stretch goals).

Geocaching trading cards make an excellent item for placing in geocaches as they are water resistant with UV coating. Couple this with an additional inexpensive soft or hard sleeve (for extra protection) and they make the ultimate SWAG item. They also make a great trading item; trade with fellow geocachers worldwide through the Geocaching Trading Cards facebook site.


Thanks to Shane for the write up and the exciting project, we hope you’ll all consider helping him out.

  1. Cathy

    Great idea but unfortunately the cards are not being shipped to Canada.

  2. Tyler Lenz
    Tyler Lenz03-06-2013

    This is great! Hopefully these will find there way into geocaches and help improve the swag that is out there.

  3. Wilbury Travels
    Wilbury Travels01-21-2015

    Awesome idea, something worth putting in a cache and worth hunting for to collect the set, or a nice collection to keep and store for future generations to treasure :)

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