Geocaching E-Products?


As we promised when we took over the site, we really want the madcacher site to become a reference hub for experienced geocachers. To that end, we’re working on a variety of items, including a website redesign, an ebook and a few other “aces” up our sleeves. But we’re only two guys who love geocaching – we’re sure there are some great ideas out there, and we’re welcoming suggestions.

Our goal is to really build up a community here, and although we’ve added some ads to the site; we’re using that cash to reinvest back into what we can offer the readers. Editing an ebook or working with an artist on a new logo costs cash; but we’re happy to throw the small earnings we do make back towards useful tools!

Why are we looking at e-products primarily? To be honest, we both have day jobs and at this point aren’t looking to get into offering a retail store and spending our evenings packaging and shipping out products. Maybe we’ll get to that point, but we just don’t have the time or funds needed to build up an inventory. With e-products however we can set up on our website to automatically be downloaded, whether they are free or do have some cost to them. For the time being we prefer to keep things simple.

To that end do you have any suggestions? What are some e-products you’d like to see available on the website? How much should

Have an idea for an e-product?

we charge for such a product? Again, we’re not out to get rich here; but we do need to be able to cover the cost of developing.

Thanks for reading; we’re about half way done with our site design, keep checking back for changes!

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