Geocaching wasn’t Invented for Me or You it was Invented for Me AND You!


Every person on Earth who takes up the hobby/sport (whatever you want to call it) of Geocaching does it for fun. I guess some may do it just to get off of their butt, but I’m pretty sure every single person who does it gets at least a little joy out of it.

Geocaching was invented for entertainment! With that being said, as long as you’re respectful (you put caches back where you found them, you leave something if you take something etc.) it should be about what YOU enjoy.

Almost every day that I decide to do some Geocaching I come across one or more cache page, log, note etc. from other cachers complaining about how easy a cache is, how hard a cache is, how common a certain type of container is etc.

For some people it IS about the numbers and other it isn’t. For some people large containers are the best, for other micros are the best.

Some people, like myself, like to take their small children out for EASY caches without the stress of a tough hunt with small children. Other people enjoy a challenge and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. I enjoy a challenging hunt when I’m alone as well.

Some people, like myself, don’t like caches hidden in thick wooded areas because it’s almost impossible to get a signal and to us it just sucks the fun right out o

f it, BUT some people enjoy that and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

My point is this: Geocaching is a hobby just like any other hobby. One person may like it for the neat swag they find. Another person may like it for the exercise they get. Another for the new places they find. Another for the sheer challenge. So why complain about those caches that YOU don’t personally like? Geocaching wasn’t invented for me or you it was invented for me AND you!

I’ll admit, this rant was brought on by a particular cacher publicly complaining about a series of 4 caches that I placed in my neighborhood. They are all P&

G nano’s and obviously this person didn’t like nanos and decided to let me and everyone else know in his log.

I just wanted to say “Sorry, I didn’t realize Geocaching was created for YOU”

Obviously that did bug me a bit,

but I’ve been wanting to write about this particular subject for a while anyway, so at least he brought out some good too :)

Sorry for the negativity! I’m usually one of the most positive guys you’ll ever meet, but every now and then I feel the need to let off a little steam!

img credits: akeg

  1. ErikaJean

    Well put. This is why I prefer caching alone 😉 That way I can go after what I like, and not have to worry about the other person. I don’t complain about the ones I don’t like – i just don’t DO them!

  2. Webfoot

    Don’t let a geosnob rob you of your fun. I agree with you 100%. Everyone enjoys it in their own way.

  3. Anonymous

    This says so much – and says it well! I’ve been very disappointed by some negative logs and a few negative comments in emails.
    But I get more positive comments than negative comments as a rule. And I’m always proud when a new cacher finds one of my caches as their first find!
    The big problem I’ve had is that one of the most negative players in the area is also known to be a reviewer and more. Thier attitude seem to be determined to push as many people as possible from the game. That is bad playing and bad business.
    Whenever I feel myself getting negative about the game, I take a step back and remind myself it is supposed to be fun. I’ll walk away and come back to it with a new view when it can be fun again, or just move onto another part of the game.

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