Make Geocaching more than just a Hobby!


Just about every time I explain what Geocaching is to someone (which is pretty often because I mention it to just about every new person I meet :) ) I see a confused look on their face.

You know, the kind that’s like “ok, WHY would anyone want to go find little containers with toys in them?” I’m sure you know the look.

Shortly after the confused face I explain that Geocaching isn’t just about what you find… there is so much more to it, but it’s up to the Geocacher to realize it and make it happen.

There are some days when my wife, son and myself are sitting here bored, but don’t particularly feel like Geocaching.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love finding caches, but there are SOME days when it’s just not that appealing. But many times we do it anyway! Why? I’m glad you asked :)

The Multiple 

Benefits of Geocaching:

1. It’s an excellent, Healthy way to stay Active – Any time you’re active and get outside to breath fresh air and move around it’s a good thing! Sitting at home watching TV usually results in calories NOT being burned and more calories being taken in, because most people are more likely to snack when they’re inactive. Geocaching results in calories being burned and since you’re busy, you’re less likely to want to snack.

2. It’s a Constructive, Fun thing for Kids – Whether you have your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or even neighbor kids, take them along (with permission lol.) Kids LOVE geocaching, so it’s a great way to get them out and about as well, not to mention an excellent way to spend quality time with them.

3. It’s a Great way to Find New, Neat Places – I’ve been Geocaching for less than 2 years and I can’t count how many cool places I’ve come across looking for caches. Not only did I find these places, but in many cases I learned neat facts about them, as many cache owners will put trivia on their cache pages.


4. It’s a Great way to meet New Friends – Not only do local Geocachers organize events frequently (depending on where you are) just being an active geocaching exposes you to many great people who are also active. I have yet to attend a Geocaching event, although I plan to this summer, but I’ve still met several great people during my adventures.

photo credit: Paul-W

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