“OpenCaching” Garmin’s Shady Ripoff Of Geocaching.com


***A note to our readers! This posting was put up by the original owner of the website. We do not share this sentiment and think the more caches in the world the merrier. We had thought about deleting this post, and actually did briefly remove it from the website when we took over. BUT we do think that both sides of the story need to be heard, and are returning it with this adder in hopes that those of you who use and love opencaching.com will also show your support for it.

Original Post

Just a few days ago Garmin, one of the leading providers of GPSr’s launched a new website, OpenCaching.com. This new website is basically their attempt to control the Geocaching market so they can sell more GPSr’s since GPS sales are going down the tube due to increased smart phone use… smart phones have built-in GPS technology.

I’m certainly not an attorney, but it’s very surprising that this is even legal. Their site doesn’t make a single mention of Groundspeak’s Geocaching.com, which is the Official Geocaching website (what a great way of saying thanks for the millions of dollars in GPS sales Groundspeak has sent their way) yet they present it as if it’s the originator and official site, although it’s simply a complete, unfair and shady copy!

The two sites seem to have similar features, although OpenCaching does have a couple small features that I wouldn’t mind seeing integrated into Geocaching.com The only major differences that I can see are that OpenCaching DOESN’T HAVE REVIEWERS, you don’t have to pay the small fee for a premium account and there aren’t hardly any caches showing up on their site, which is almost hilarious. The ONLY thing that may help them get going is lack of a yearly fee, but it’s a small fee anyway.


Dear Garmin, We understand you’re going broke. Sorry to hear that. Trying to fix something that isn’t broke isn’t going to prevent your company from going broke. It’s only going to make (scratch that) it only makes you look like a desperate, shady operation!

Let’s take a stand, Geocachers. Let’s boycott this shady operation and continue to support Geocaching.com

What are you thoughts?

  1. dirtyjeep78

    Don’t see much of an issue, as long as my Geocache enabled Garmin will still work with Geocaching.com and Garmins don’t become proprietary with Opencaching.com Then I’m fine with whatever they want to do.

  2. Bridgeplayer2

    Hi Has anybody thought of what will happen to all the Geocoins & TBs being tracked by geocaching.com if they are placed in a cache that is listed on more than one website. I for one would like to withdraw all my Geocoins if this takes off.

  3. Corey W.
    Corey W.10-14-2011

    My only concern is with having so many different sites that it’ll be hard, if not impossible, to track where the geocaches, opencaches, terracaches, etc. are. It’s not hard to think that there will be a place where an open cache is placed in the exact same place/area as a geocache. And with no communication between the two(or more) websites, it could get very cluttered and confusing for us searching.

    Currently, I’m just going to stick with Geocaching.com. It’s the largest and has the most options. I’m not going to get myself confused trying to maintain multiple sites.

  4. jBIRD

    I am out there playing the game, if OC helps get others out seeking my hides that is a positive thing. I don’t see OC being a big competitor or threat to GC & I will keep up my premium GC membership, they were first & I want to support them. By the way didn’t GC have issues after start up? Just play the game its a big world out there.

  5. Cody

    I have been a member of the Geocaching.com for quiet some time and really enjoy the sport. It wasn’t until recently that I had even heard of the OC site. Just out of curiosity I had to check it out. The site was not bad, and as the article indicated there were not many caches listed on the site. I checked back to the site recently and noticed that several of the cache owners who had caches listed on geocaching.com listed the exact same caches on the OC site. I will be currious to see how this all pans out.

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