Site Redesign


Welcome to the new!

After careful consideration we have decided to launch the redesign of our website early. Kurt, co-MadCacher and resident design guy, has a tendency to spend too much time on the smallest of details before moving on to the larger more pressing concerns. So, we have decided to launch the site and spend most of the weekend tweaking,updating and hoping for the best :-)

Please be patient.

Changes to the website will come often over the next month or so as we make adjustments to the template and feel of the site. Please be patient. There is a lot of work to be done and because we are doing the work in-house there may be some broken links and formatting issues. Ultimately our goal is to create the best Geocaching blog on the web and we welcome any and all suggestions.

Who we are.

For those new to the site The Mad Cacher is under new management. Two GeoCaching Nuts, who have been fans of this site for awhile, wanted to create a place on the web to share their GeoCaching experiences and provide helpful hints to others. As they brainstormed how to go about this, a lightbulb went off, why not purchase ownership rights to and begin our efforts with a strong following of dedicated readers? After some careful thought, an offer was made to the owner and a peaceful handoff was made. So who are these GeoCaching Nuts and what does this mean for the site?

The Mad Cacher will now be operated by two crazy Mainer’s, Kurt Milligan and EJ Martin. We grew up together in Rumford, Maine and started GeoCaching around the same time. Our families introduced us to the hobby and we were instantly hooked. Today, we have found Cache’s in several different states, launched a series of travel bugs, and most recently have begun talks with a GeoCoin provider in the Netherlands in hopes of being able to supply the coins here in the States at a more reasonable price. We have a lot of “Big Ideas” and wanted a forum to launch those ideas. The Mad Cacher was a perfect fit. We’ve since moved away from Maine, with Kurt living in Virginia and Ej in New York, but have not lost our shared appreciation for the hobby introduced to us years ago.
Thank you for checking out our site and check back often for great deals and prize giveaways.


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