Why I like Geocaches Placed at Homes


It’s unintended, but funny that my last post was about nano’s, which is probably the least popular cache container because today’s post is about caches placed at people’s homes, which seems to be fairly unpopular too :) And I personally like both nanos and caches placed at people’s homes.

I touched on this subject a little while back in a post titled “Geocaching Hiding Spots” but I wanted to talk a little more about it. I actually have a cache in a tree in my front yard and have had other caches on my property in the past. I like these caches both as the owner and as a seeker because you simply get to meet other cachers and sometimes make new friends.

Many people feel uncomfortable going on another person’s property but they really shouldn’t. The cache was put there by the person who lives there or by someone who knows about it and is fine with it. And if they aren’t fine with it that’s their problem. Permission has been granted via the cache listing and you’re not there to do anything buy sign a log sheet. I’ve found ALOT of these caches and I have never encountered this situation though!

I always make it a point to explain on the cache page that they will not be greeted by any angry people and they are always welcomed to find the cache during the day time. I also make it very clear with BIG LETTERS that night caching is not allowed and I’ve never had an issue with night cachers. I also give them my house number! This eliminates any and all confusion as to which house it is.


When you don’t know which house it is (cache is near two property lines) THAT can be frustrating. You don’t want to trespass on

Geocaching near homes can be challenging!

the neighbors property. So in THAT case I can definitely see how it could be uncomfortable. But in general, in my experience, it’s typically pretty clear which yard the cache is in going by the coords.

So how do you feel about these caches? Do you have on on your property? Have you found any on another person’s property?

  1. UU Jester
    UU Jester10-21-2010

    We like doing them. We have one on the edge of the backyard of our house. I did set it up as a premium member cache just to lower the possibility of neo-cachers stumbling around our yard after hours.

  2. Dennis

    I have one placed on the corner of my property, outside the fence line but I live in a very Rural area with each home being at least 5 acres. Visitors are sometimes greeted by barking or horses that want a treat or a pet. There is one north of me that is in someones backyard that I will not attempt.

  3. BUCKtown'ers2010

    Funny that this is your topic. I so want to put one along the road that over looks our 85 acre farm, but my husband is not in favor. For all the same reasons your mentioned are exactly why I want to place a cache near our home. I find it very interesting to see who was there before me and who comes after me, so to actually be able to see other cachers in the act of searching for it would be a great experience.

    Lets just say, I haven’t lost the battle yet :)

  4. AmboGuy

    I placed one in my front yard, for my son Ryan(RyBear) “look out for the (Ry)Bear (Dad’s house)
    and one over the road from his monsters (i mean mother’s) house (because she would not allow it, she doesn’t even let him show her the caches we have placed, that is another story)

    My house is such that I can not see out the front, no windows facing the street, and numerous people have done the cache and commented that it didn’t loook like anyone was home etc.

    So I had a brainwave, tomorrow, I am buying a remote doorbell, and when someone is doing the cache, if they want to meet, they ring the doorbell attached to the inside lid of the lock n lock. If I am home, I will go out and say G’day.

    If you don’t mind having local cachers know where you live, make it a puzzle cache, place the “?” over your house but put the cache down the street!!

    That’s my input


  5. ssterling

    I don’t mind them at all! Last weekend we had 2 front yard finds actually, and both were well done. I think if I was to hide one in my front yard I would also include the address to be sure seakers are not next door, and also alert the neighbors!

  6. Don Bruechert
    Don Bruechert10-21-2010

    Whether I like them varies. I don’t mind the ones placed on rural properties where there is a bit of privacy and space around houses, but urban residential hides bother me whether there is permission or not. First the houses are stacked on top of each other and often have high voltage power lines overhead to whack the GPS signal up a bit – so like you say I am not always sure which house. I have never encountered one where the house number was posted – even as a hint. The cache owner says permission is given, yadda yadda, but does not say if the 6 neighbors on either side of them are aware of the cache and that it’s OK for people to be on your property you can probably expect people to be calling the cops. Anything that draws attention to me makes me even more uncomfortable – like your dog barking, or the neighbor’s dog barking, etc. Caches in these areas also inevitably get muggled because the neighbor kids down the street see the traffic and go investigate to see what’s going on, etc. The other thing is that I know some cachers personally that have caches on their property and they complain of people parking in their driveways or blocking them, people coming at all hours of the night even though the cache says not to, etc…. Some of them have gotten annoyed enough to archive the caches…

    I guess whatever floats your boat, but for me I tend to be very selective when doing this kind of cache.

  7. 2lingPa

    I am fine with doing them as long as it is painfully clear where to find it and it is clear to at least the neighbours what to expect. You don’t want to be trespassing or making people feel insecure. Pics work.
    And if you have rules, just state them, even the most obvious ones.

  8. Mo pirate
    Mo pirate10-21-2010

    Yes. I have two on my property. One is my favorite and most expensive. The other holds a LARGE cache so both are great and need to be close by due to size and cost. Of course I live in a more rural area so neighbors are NOT just a few feet away but 100s of feet away. Come day or night to do mine (til death do us part and/or show me da cache) as I am sure you will agree it being worth the trip

  9. ErikaJean

    Yep I found one at a house not to long ago!

    I like them if they are pretty obvious and I don’t have to look like a prowler. Even though you have permission someone driving by or down the street might think you are up to something!

  10. Ad

    in my country they call caches whitch you describe “voordeur caches” and are lying in peoples front yard or below the kitchen window. my feelings with this kind of caches are uncomfortable. On such caches the cache owner place a text like “if you don’t like frontdoor caches just leave it” on the cache page. many people in the netherlands don’t like “frontdoor” caches. They feel if they are being watched.

  11. Geocass

    I covered this topic in a recent blog post (http://geocass.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/caches-hidden-in-the-cos-garden-love-em-or-hate-em/) and interestingly my opinion is totally the opposite. I hate them! I think it’s a bit different over here though (England) as the front yards are a lot smaller with houses right next to each other so it’s hard to tell which garden you need to look in. Also, the one I encountered didn’t say anything about it being in the garden and someone who searched after me even found the neighbours front door key! You may like them, but if they’re poorly executed they are potentially very dangerous especially in areas where houses are right next to each other.

  12. Trezrose

    I have been party to two home caches. One was at my house behind my garage in an alley. I asked the neighbors for permission and explained what it would mean to have a cache hidden there.”Geo What?”
    The neighbors thought it was cool and so I hid it. The kids and I would check “the treasure box” every once in a while to see what had changed.

    Then when my sister got into geocaching after I took her out on a geocaching expedition she wanted to place one near her home. After looking around her home for just the right container we found the perfect container that is unique and friendly. It sits at the edge of her front yard and as far as I can tell most people get a kick out of it. I like yard caches when I go out caching. So I am for em.

  13. ThomasFamily102

    We love caches at peoples houses. One of the advantages of those caches are the owners more than likely keep them clean and maintained. We have one in a birdhouse in the side yard of our house. It is a bug hospital and we currently have 13 bugs housed there.

  14. Gottalovecache

    I have a cache in my front yard and it’s been found about a dozen times or so. I’ve only ever met TWO of the finders though. The difference is that I put mine on the property line but the property next to mine is a field (unmowed). The distance between my house and the cache itself is about 250 feet.

    I’ve also found ones in people’s yards but I don’t do them if the coords are going to take me right up to the house. I prefer a little distance between the two….but that’s just me.

  15. Hoosierduckman

    We have only found one cache at someones house and it was yours. That is kind of weird. I wondered who owned that cache.(very nice) We were pulling away when someone was coming home and sped off. The only other one we tried the neighbors were looking at us like we were trying to rob the place. We left and decided not to do those anymore. I think some people get paranoid about people sitting in a car waiting for a chance to get a cache. Maybe it’s a good thing. I think if you live in a neighborhood and want to hide on your property you should tell everyone around you.(and put that in the description for the log) Sometimes stealth can be seen as wrong doing and I hate explaining to cops what Geocaching is. TFTC and TFTB(blog) hoosierduckman

  16. Terry K
    Terry K10-22-2010

    I don’t mind hunting these caches. The first one I hunted was a container on the front porch right in front of the living room window. It listed the house number and pretty much told what the cache looked like. Another one was on the inside of the yard but retrieved from the outside via a string. So of course I had to have one in my yard. Mine is a micro and not easy. I also have a peanut butter jar on a bench for swag that I clearly identified on the cache page. The only problem with the cache is not everyone reads the cache narrative. Then they don’t read the note on the lid or inside the lid and think the jar is the micro they are hunting.
    When I plan a cache it is intended to be a higher difficulty so I like to keep you guessing. It seems that having a swag jar or a decoy container that was clearly stated in the narrative can unhinge even longtime cachers.
    So yes I like residential caches. Mostly I enjoy watching puzzled cachers.

  17. Darlinsue

    I have to admit that I do have a cache on our property but because we live in a rural area it isn’t a big deal as there are no neighbours to be concerned. I think if done properly as you stated in your blog its okay and I don’t mind but I have done caches where you aren’t sure if you are on the proper property and that makes me unesy. My biggest hangup is knowing the locals could be sitting in their homes laughing at me as I search and don’t find so I guess thats a pride thing. Informing your neighbours is probably a good idea. I have found several caches placed at peoples homes and have never had a problem.

  18. Don Kaczmer
    Don Kaczmer10-22-2010

    I really don’t know about them because I have never been on one at a persons house, only Real close to one in a park and one on a parkway.

  19. Muscache

    One of my all-time favorites is a multi in someone’s front yard. Because it is on their property, they were able to get very creative with the containers (each stage). They get a kick out of watching cachers stumble around right in front of the cache, never realizing just how close they are to it. Many folks have also had the opportunity to chat with the owners while searching and getting further hints; their kids like this part as well.

  20. Wheeler Dealers
    Wheeler Dealers10-23-2010

    If the cache is identified as okay to find on this private home then why not? A chance to be MORE creative with the container and for us even more fun meeting geocachers

  21. Wayne Stemple
    Wayne Stemple10-24-2010

    I like caches on private property. I have found many and sometimes meet the CO. I have TB hotel/cache annex in my front yard. It is the largest TB hotel in south central wisconsin. I tell people that if they cannot find it, see the eye doc and get a new hobby. :-) I have met many people as the hunt for the main cache across the street in the park/

  22. KayakJim

    Personally, I feel uneasy visiting a cache at a residence. Recently I had my first experience visiting a cache that someone had on their driveway. It wasn’t hidden at all – it was a huge plastic tub sitting behind their car. This cache was large enough for a child to fit inside. It was clearly marked as being a geocache and the contents inside were incredible (board games, toys of all kinds and the log was a full sized notebook). While the owners were clearly people who have embraced the fun of geocaching and have made something extremely kid friendly, I still felt very uneasy standing in the driveway of a person I did not know going through a large tub of goodies.

    I applaud them for their ‘open arms approach’ to geocaching. To have a trusting nature like that is something I just don’t share at this point in my life. I have had my home burglarized twice in my life, and unless you’ve gone through that, you can’t imagine the paranoia you experience afterward.

    Would I have a geocache on my property? I can’t honestly say no to that idea. I guess it’s something I would consider as long as I had enough land to keep the cache away from my home. I admire those of you who have not allowed your trust to become tainted.

  23. Monterey Company
    Monterey Company10-27-2010

    I think I’m with KayakJim on this. Its a bit unnerving to just broadcast your home address like this. I can’t imagine I would ever feel totally comfortable knowing that my home was a destination point for anyone.. potentially from anywhere in the world, trying to come over to find a cache. Or anything else for that matter.

    Would I go to one though? Perhaps. I think it depends on the are and what is said about the cache itself.

  24. Stinger503

    Generally a bad idea. If your GPSr is bad, then you could end up on someones front porch. If the cache owner is sloppy with their coordinates.

    I actually had a cache where a stage of a multi was on the cache owners shed in his backyard (viewable from the street). Turns out he moved away and the new home owner had removed the shed (the cache owner had never updated the description and only posted a note).

  25. JimDoss

    I’ve only every looked for (and found) one yard cache. It was in Jackson, WY, and was actually on the front porch. I guess when it was all over it was fun (especially when the owner came out to talk for a while), but I felt very uncomfortable snooping around someone’s property.

  26. IslandAdventure4

    I am not a big fan at all. I am a police officer and that would be the last thing I would want. People knowing where I live. I dont mind running into fellow cachers on the road, stopping to chat or even starting a new friendship, but not in my front yard. We are moving to a new house this week, and at the end of our road there is a perfect spot to hide a geocache, but I was even concerned about bringing people to the neighborhood. (not that it would be a traffic jam or anything) But thats just my two cents. So to answer your question “NO”

  27. steve bullard
    steve bullard12-15-2010

    There is a cache hid close by and it is on the back side of a church. Even thought there was permission to place it there, the problem is the house behind it sits about 8-10 feet from the church. I was reluctant to go between the building cause afraid the house owner would be suspicious of us back there

  28. Mike

    Would I have a cache in front of our house, probably not. But where we live there’s no room to park in our driveway & it’s precarious to pull off safely near the road & I wouldn’t want to put fellow cachers in that situation.

    I love finding ’em though. We met one of our local veteran cachers that way. It’s in the vacant lot across the street from them & they like to watch people hunt for it. It allows them to come down & meet their fellow cachers. I’ve even went up to the door & knocked to see if a CO was home a couple of times.

    As long as the cache page is clear about the permission & details, I don’t mind looking. If any nervous neighbors or local officers come up, I’d just tell them what we’re doing & try to recruit them into GC’ing anyways, so it’s all good.

  29. QDman

    As a rule, front-yard caches go on my Ignore List. I know some people like them, but they’re just not my cup of tea.

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