Geocache Hiding Spot Ideas


Many of us find just as much thrill, if not more, in hiding caches as we do in finding them. But finding fun, creative places to hide them can be a challenge. So I’m writing this post today to START a list, that I hope you and all of the other awesome Geocachers who read this blog will add to, eventually making this page the ultimate geocache hiding spot resource full of hundreds of different hiding spot ideas =)

So I’ll get it started with my 3 favorites.

1. Bird House Cache: I’ve found a few of these and I always enjoy them. One in particular was hanging from a tree & painted with Geocaching colors.
2. Near Cool, Unknown Spots: Obviously this is a very generic idea, but I wanted to list it because in all honesty some of my favorite finds were hidden near little spots in my area I never would have known about if it weren’t for that cache. Hidden monuments, an old house with a story etc. are all great places to hide a cache.
3. At your Home: This requires a little common sense, a quick explanation to neighbors and some very clear rules in the description, but it can be alot of fun. It’s not for everyone, but for people like me and my Wife, we enjoy seeing cachers come and go and when we have a minute we like going out and having a chat with them. This is a great way to meet new people in the area and get to others in the hobby.


So what are your favorites? Please leave a comment with your favorite hiding spots and be sure to bookmark this page for ideas next

Get Tricky!

time you’re ready to hide a cache.

Happy Caching!
Josh Spaulding
“The Mad Cacher”

  1. sumajman

    Unique guard rail caches – for example the fake bolt and nut cache

    Hanging caches – often these are an ammo box or a decon container hanging from a limb. Often we forget to look up and they are there

    Rock and PVC cache – I’ve seen some pipe put in the ground and then a rock set on top of it so that the pipe is unobservable. A string is attached to the rock somehow and the cache is suspended in the pipe.

    These are just a few.

  2. Ed and Joyce
    Ed and Joyce07-09-2010

    I love the bird house idea. We have only found one of those so far, but it was a good hide.

    My favorites are:
    You’ve Got Mail, which is our home cache set up across the road near our mail box.
    My second favorite is a plastic barrel suspened by a roap in a tree. Painted to look like a squirrel nest, complete with the squirrel on top.
    And I think one of the smaller caches that I would call a favorite was a magnetic micro painted to look like a lady bug.

    Of course any cache I can find is a good cache;)

  3. Firefighter Skippy
    Firefighter Skippy07-09-2010

    I enjoy caches that take me to a spot/area with a nice view.

    Creative containers/hides are always nice too.

  4. MO Pirate
    MO Pirate07-09-2010

    I have 3 caches I really am proud of placing. #1 “Til Death Do Us Part” (GC1YXVW) is my best/favorite. It is my most expensive. You really have to open the burial vault! Need I say more. Some photos are in the cache site gallery!

    #2 “COW PIE” (GC1Y7DQ) is one of the huge fiberglass steers from the steakhouse (Sirloin Stockade)from years ago was bought by a meat butcher retail store and placed as a new sign. The maintenance hatch is a good hiding spot. The name is part of my “Easy as Pie” Series where I (and my niece) got about 20 old tupperware pie dessert containers at a garage sale. They really make good containers and a great series including (Mud Pie, American Pie, Pie P.A.N., Pie Safe, Moon Pie, Pizza Pie, Apple Pie, Berry Pie, Cow Pie, A little slice of Heaven, and I Love Pie). Cow Pie is really a “Large” container but has the tupperware inside for the logbook and pen!

    #3 (TIE) Show Me The Cache GC1DH6F is a large container too as it is has the clue “What er ya lookin fer?” Just don’t try to read this meter.
    “5 Alarm Fire” GC1NBT0 is at he Fire Station turned into FIRE MUSEUM with such an unusual fence made of old fire hydrants with hoses draped between each hydrant. Hope you GPS is fairly accurate! It is a regular size.

    Photos are posted at most all of these caches galleries. Take a look see. And yes I love hiding them probably more than finding them.

    MO Pirate aka Steve Allen

  5. Oliver Twizt
    Oliver Twizt07-09-2010

    Umm… Isn’t the pictured geocache against the rules? (Defacing public or private property – Screwing the birdhouse into the tree).

  6. admin

    Not if you own the tree.

  7. Guy

    Hi guy’s,
    I have only been caching since Nov, I have placed 36. and am awaiting my CITO which is in the cue.

    Some of my favorites, read the logs,
    Lost my marbles – #1 GC21FBN (Is a woodland camo golfball, when white balls were used, they were tossed by pissed golfers, since making camo, they stay)
    I also have lost my marbles – #2 and 3. When you read the logs, you will see that all cachers love my balls, the dimples make them easy to grip in icy conditions, and they are comfortable in the hand.

    Trailhead micro GC272RP is a beer bottle cap with a magnetic medical vial under it, just looks like an innocent pice of trash, lots of DNF’s, until they “phone a friend” and some are returning 3 or 4 times to find it.

    Chapped lips – #1 GC22A8X is a lip chap container, on the ground, looking like a piece of discarded trash. You have to turn the dial (as on the container, like a lipstick) to extract the log

    Amboguy – Raising the bar on geocaching GC23OT5
    is a piece of rebar in the foundation of a ruin, first you have to get the magnet extraction tool from nearby, then ust that to raise the rebar from the hole, I initially had the rebar poking out, but it got muggled 3 times, so I modified it.

    No room for miss piggy GC2465X is a dollar store frog with another medical vial drilled into his guts, he is placed in a crack of a tree, to him would look like a large cathedral.

    Rocky landing GC2468A (cool GC code I must admit) is at the site of a cessna plane wreck a couple of KM from home, the container is a nano glued into a piece of cultured stone just dropped on the ground amongst nearby natural rocks.

    B10: Double Bubble Hybrid GC29YCQ is a competition entry for British Columbia Geocaching Association, where cachers vote on caches placed, such as best puzzle, best camo, best view, best night cache etc.
    This one is 4 caches in one, first a puzzle, solve the puzzle, get co-ordinates to the container, which is under a private bridge leading to a pasture. Under the bridge on the metal girder are the co-ordinates to the start of stage 2, a letterbox hybrid night cache (short kid friendly night cache) (maybee the only one), before any of you say it is against the rules of a night cache, the posted co-ordinates for the night cache start are on that page, I just hope no one notices. When stage 2 is located, a toy compass which is a UV light, when pressed gives the co-ordinates to stage 4, night cache final hidden in the logbook. Stage 3 is a multi cache, and each stage of the multi gives a combonation to the padlock to unlock stage 4 container (a real bubblegum machine as seen at department stores, with a quarter glued in to the mechanism, this machine I also painted woodland camo, like my camo balls.

    So there are some of my caches, hopefully an inspriation for others


  8. Guy

    Re B10: double bubble etc, “before any of you say it is against the rules of a night cache” should read “of a letterbox hybrid”

  9. Craig

    I have two caches out right now and one is near a little visited monument while the other is a historical plaque/site. Few people in the area seem to know about either site so I thought they would be great for a cache. Got a couple more in the area with a similar theme I’m looking currently.


  10. Sketcher1

    I have seen a lot of clever caches in the 6 years I have been caching, including some of the ones I have put out. I actually enjoy putting caches out more than finding them. While finding caches is a lot of fun, having the chance to create something brings me more joy. I am a graphic designer by trade, so when I am creating most of my hides, I try to have them match the natural settings around them. I do this by taking photos of the area and collecting samples from where I am going to place something. In my area of the country, north central North Carolina (Greensboro), I am commonly known as Darth Sketcher because of hides like ‘We’d Be Gone’ (GC11BA0), ‘Dawg Pound’ (GC10CED) and the infamous ‘Trail Mix’ (GCV67A) to name a few. Coming up with new natural ideas can be a challenge sometimes when I have also seen things like fake tree stumps, bison tubes inside of bamboo and root balls with a lock n lock inside it.

    Good article. I am always open to new ideas on how to stump (no pun intended or maybe it was) cachers and have them pulling their hair out.

    Cache ya later,

  11. Wheeler Dealers
    Wheeler Dealers07-12-2010

    We Love to place caches it is as much of a challenge to place creative interesting ones for us as finding them. The use of polymier clay has expanded places to put caches, bolts, rust color locks, railroad spikes , river rock. A toilet paper roller painted and placed inbetween pipes or meters (the spring inside makes it fit well)
    The use of found discarded “stuff” rusted springs etc make great outside covering for containers and good in some sites. We have a saying, “if we see a hole, we will fill it”. We also carry small acrylic paint with us to get that camo color just right

  12. Wheeler Dealers
    Wheeler Dealers07-12-2010

    Hi again. Forgot to add the clay can be made to look like it belongs to artwork. A statue in downtown Palm Springs has large statues of Indians and baskets of acorns. Since this is on a grand scale a fake acorn was dropped on the artwork arcorns. Waterproof bison inside the clay fake.
    We are number one in CA placing caches. Once you place several it opens your mind to all the possibilities and you begin to see things with a new eye
    Kandy and Dann

  13. Monterey Company
    Monterey Company07-14-2010

    Ok, I hate to be the fuddy duddy here, but we really need to be careful when nailing things or birdhouses to a tree. Although its a cool idea, it can potentially harm the tree, and that should be avoided.

  14. admin

    The image in the post is in Germany. The image was used with a create commons license… I don’t know whose cache or tree that is. I think the tree will be just fine though 😉 One little nail or screw isn’t going to hurt an old tree like that.

  15. SG29

    OMG enough of the birdhouse in a tree slams. A nail in a damn tree is not gonna kill the tree. After 100 years of growing through storms, winds, and climate changes, it is not going to one day up and scream “HE STABBED ME WITH A NAIL!!!” and keel over dead! It might confuse the crap outta a couple birds but then guess what??? They will become geocachers as well. It is a great and very creative idea. To all that think a nail in a tree in the middle of a forest is DEFACING it… let’s be serious.

  16. admin

    lol Amen, SG29!

  17. Becky C.
    Becky C.08-24-2010

    I work at a rather large hospital facility, and my window faces the parking lot. I have been debating for about a week on hiding a cache in the handicapped parking sign right where I can keep an eye on it. I’m sorta anxious to watch all the cachers all day long. I have several other clever caches in mind (one right outside our house). Sometimes (like you said initially) its just as fun to HIDE the caches as it is to find them.

  18. Terry K
    Terry K09-21-2010

    My last cache hide was a birdhouse, screwed securely in a DEAD tree. problem solved. The different part of mine cache is when you open the front there is no cache. It has to be figured out.

    GC2F17W Cassidy’s Hideout

  19. moosen69

    my favorite was at a gas station by the tire filling air. there was a pipe with an air fitting on the bottom , air had to be applied to blow the cache out the top of the pipe.

  20. Josh W
    Josh W01-06-2011

    I have a geocache in CT “I had a bright Idea” The geocache is a fake light bulb attached to a socket about 20ft up a tree. Since its on open space land that was a former golf course there is a nice paved walkin trail. I placed the cache on the backside of a tree so that it would be harder to spot, but so far alot of people have commented they love it.

  21. Josh H
    Josh H10-24-2011

    I once found one using a pulley hung up in a tree.

  22. hudson (epicacher)
    hudson (epicacher)06-15-2012

    ome of the most ingenious caches ive found, was hidden in a fence post! The hider had taken a liquid nails container, hollwed it out, tied a string to it and the inside of a fence cap, and slid the whole creation inside!!! it was extremely difficult to lacate, but when i found it, i was amazed… IDK about you guys, but i think that’s pretty cool!

  23. Cole

    My first cache is outside my house. To date I have seen ALL of the cachers. It’s really fun to play the part of a mad muggle and ask them what they think they’re doing.

  24. Pam

    One guy created a cache on a post next to a friend’s business where he affixed a covered electrical outlet and a flat plate cover thingie. Both look like good hiding spots, but they are decoys and have notes encouraging a cacher to keep looking. He had found a rather large outdoor light fixture for just a few dollars on a clearance table at the hardware store and it had a couple of likely looking hiding spots where he also placed “not it” notes. The frustrated cacher must remove the light bulb and take it apart to find the cache inside. E.V.I.L!!

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