How to Adopt or Transfer a Cache or Travel Bug to another User


We recently moved about 30 minutes minutes away from our last home and decided to put out caches up for adoption. We edited each cache page letting people know that we were looking for someone to take them over. We received a few messages from cachers who wanted them. But we couldn’t figure out HOW.

We looked all over the Geocaching website. We did all kinds of searches on Google… nothing. The best we could get is “contact a reviewer.”

So, I go to the profile of our local reviewer and right there on his Geocaching profile were instructions on how to do it.

It’s very simple. has made it quick and easy by creating a page that automates the process.

Just go to:

Enter the cache code or the Travel Bug Tracking ID, then enter the username of the cacher you want to adopt it and a request will be sent to them. Once they accept, it’s theirs.

Very easy. It took about 1 minute to transfer all 5 of the caches we had near our previous home.

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