101 Devil Caches – Madcacher Book

101 Devil Caches is the first literary offering from the folks at Madcacher. The 148 page guide to creating “devilishly” hidden geocaches is sure to put a smile on even the most seasoned cacher’s face.
101 Devil Caches

What is our book about?

Ej and I enjoy challenging geocaches and sought to create a collection of really “devilish” hides. This book is a mix of our own ideas, as well as others we’ve come across in our travels.

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If you would like to review our book on your website or offer a free giveaway, let us know and we’ll send along a copy!

For those of you looking for the Kindle version, it is coming soon. There were some formatting issues that kept us from including it with our official launch. We’ll keep everyone posted when it becomes available.

All proceeds from the sale of 101 Devil Caches will go to the relaunch of www.navicache.com one of the first geocaching listing services.


Have you ever dreamed of finding lost treasure like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn did? Maybe you were intrigued with the adventures of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins in the classic story, Treasure Island. If you prefer movies, then perhaps the puzzle solving skills of Benjamin Franklin Gates and Abigail Chase in the “National Treasure” series pique your interest.

All of these captivating stories reflect many peoples’ fantasies about finding lost treasure while at the same time inspiring us to seek adventure, solve complicated riddles, and find a chest overflowing with gold doubloons and silver chalices studded with shimmering red rubies. If you fit into this group, and most of us do, then you’re going to like what we have to tell you about geocaching.

Geocaching is a new kind of hybrid sport that assimilates some of the most up-to-date technology into traditional recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. Adding the dimension of an occasional brainteaser into the mix enhances the activity’s appeal tremendously….

Fake Bird Cache Instructions – EXAMPLE

Fake Bird Geocache

1You’ll need to find a wooden bird; Google and eBay are your friends for this. When we looked, we located sources for a couple of different wooden birds that way.

2 Now that you have your wooden bird, you need to turn it into a geocache. Start by cutting or drilling a hole into the back of the bird. Make the hole large enough so that you can slide a bison tube into it, but it still fits snugly. Be sure the lid of the bison tube sticks out above the surface of the wood.

3 Use super-glue to hold the lower portion of the bison
tube in place and wait for it to dry.

4 Once dry, add one of the bison tube logs found in the back of this book and screw the lid into place.

5 Find a stick to attach your bird cache to. Make sure the stick is large enough so that you can wedge it into a tree properly. Use wire or glue to secure the bird to the stick. You just want to make sure that your feathered friend holds tightly to his perch.

Place the cache and enjoy!

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  1. Cesar Diaz
    Cesar Diaz01-15-2013

    A book like this has been a long time coming. Can’t wait until it comes out, and I would love to write up a review on our site.

    • MadCacher


      Great! We just got the proofs tonight and have just a few small edits to make. We are very pleased with how the book has come together and hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Thanks for your support.


  2. Darcey

    LiveLoveCache.com would love to review your book. It looks awesome and wow the time it must have taken, CONGRATS. That is an awesome accomplishment. SO excited for you!

    • MadCacher

      Thanks Darcey! We hope to provide more books in the future if this one is successful. Please send a private message with your address if you haven’t done so already and we’ll be sure to provide a copy for you to review on your site. Thanks!

      • Darcey

        OMG the books are finally in our hands. I guess the post man but the key to our package in the neighbors mailbox and they took them in their house and forgot about them. They weren’t here in time for our last event. If you don’t mind, we want to feature one on our blog as a give away and the other we will give as a prize at next event. I also have two popular cachers in our area reading them now and we will have a review posted soon. I thought that would create more buzz in the Utah community and your book deserves it! WE LOVE IT. Oh and signed copies??? WE LOVE IT! Thank you! We will make sure we spread the word and if it is OK for us to do a give away on blog let us know! Thanks again. WOW what a weird turn of events for us to get these, just happy we have them to work with now.

        • MadCacher

          We were wondering if they got there ok! Thank you for the kind words! It really means a lot to us that people are enjoying this book. Please go ahead with using the books in giveaways.

  3. Nighthawk700

    Unfortunately I don’t have a blog to review your book. Do you have proof readers? I like catching mistakes in published books. 😉

    Two examples, from your excerpt:

    – – – –
    Hiders create a “caches, often a small, waterproof container stocked with “treasures,” and place it somewhere on Earth.

    Caches should be singular, cache, and you forgot the closing quote, so it should have been “cache,”

    – – – –

    Geocachers regularly build puzzles around a central theme, like history or geology for example.

    using “like” and “for example.” is redundant.

    – – – – –

    Although from your comment on 1/15, it sounds like the book is past that stage already.

    • MadCacher

      I will reach out to EJ and see if he wants to do a final round of edits. We understand there will be some mistakes, but the more we can find before the final release the better. Thank you and we should be back with you soon.

    • MadCacher

      Ej here – we’re interested for sure; Kurt is a computer graphics guy and I’m a mechanical engineer. Our use of the english language can be, liberal to say the least. Send us an email to ej@leewardcoast.com and we can talk.

  4. Allan Johnson
    Allan Johnson01-24-2013

    We’d certainly be open to having a look at the book! Always trying to find sneaky/evil ways to fool the local geocachers here in Newfoundland! Let us know if we can help!

    Allan and Kayla (a.k.a Gilligan and Maryjane)

  5. Nighthawk700

    Oops, I didn’t look back in the comments (until just now when I saw the post that the book was available). Thought you’d email me if interested. Sorry about that!

  6. MadCacher

    It’s alright, we are just so excited to launch the book we didn’t want to wait any longer. We are always learning and anxious to see how our book does. We will certainly keep you in mind for our next adventures in publishing.

  7. Antihiro

    This sounds like a great book! Would love to read and review it for my site. I just recently started up my own geocaching blog. Let me know if I can help!

    • MadCacher

      Send us an email through the contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

  8. Leslie

    I read the 101 Devil Caches book and found the style to be both informative as well as humorous and witty. I’d say the book is a great resource for geocaching beginners and experts alike and contains a great history of the sport and how it came to be what it is today. It also had a really interesting overview of GPS technology. I found the different caching ideas to be really creative with helpful diagrams, pictures, and step-by-step instructions. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to get into geocaching as a newbie or for more experience geocachers looking for ways to improve their techniques.

    Thanks for the great read and keep up the good work!

  9. Alec

    I would love to wright a review on your AWESOME looking book on my up-and-coming blog http://www.cacheplus.blogger.com (I hope you don’t mind but I put your bird cache example on my blog to make people aware of the book!)

  10. Alec

    I will also give away a copy of your book on my blog if you like.

  11. GeoWyrm

    We would certainly love to have a copy of the book to review and share our opinions with our customers. Additionally, we will hold a contest to give a copy away to one of our customers. A double header for you! Check us out at http://www.geowyrm.com and we can proceed from there.

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