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Geocaching Pickup Lines


Love can sprout up pretty much anywhere and since geocaching at it’s core is
nothing more than seeking and finding some elusive thing, it allows for some rather
interesting geocaching pick up lines.

The idea for the following list came about while explaining geocaching to a friend
that had never heard of it. He listened patiently while I gave my normal speech
about “treasure hunting” and “finding Tupperware”, but after a few minutes blurted
out, “Can I meet women doing this?” After admitting that you could, and anyone you
did meet while geocaching was sure to enjoy the outdoors and share a love for the
hobby. It also set me to thinking, what would be some good geocaching pickup lines?
It’s been awhile since I’ve had need for a pick up line, and so I turned to our faithful
fans on Facebook and asked them. Below are some of our favorites. Some are funny,
some are serious, but please use them at your own peril: Kurt and I will not be held
responsible for any injuries sustained due to their use. In no particular order:

1. Cache here often?
2. Hey I like your terrain rating, what’s the difficulty of the find?
3. Are you ready to tackle a 5/5?
4. Want to try for after this?
5. Do you by chance cache on the first date?
6. Don’t worry; I’m an experienced bushwhacker!
7. Would you like to see my geocoin collection?
8. I hide the biggest cache….
9. Your cache or mine?
10. Are you a hider or a finder?
11. It’s not the size of the cache that matters; it’s how you hide it that counts…
12. I’ll show you my cache if you show me yours…
13. Wanna kiss me where the cache don’t shine?
14. I’ve been searching a long time, and I never knew what for until now…
15. I’d love to log your travel bug…

This is all in good fun of course, but if you really are looking for some comical pickup
line books, we recommend the following;


What do you think of our list? What’s your favorite? Do you have any better that we
should add to the list above? Feel free to leave us a comment below, or visit us on
our facebook wall. Good luck and happy caching!

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