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Geocaching with GaryM53

As I’ve stated previously, my dad is a pretty serious geocacher. He is the reason I started geocaching and has given me the opportunity to look for cache’s in unique locations. After speaking with him the other night, he agreed to answer some quick questions for the website. It is my hope he will become a frequent contributor to the Madcacher website as he has a lot of unique cache hiding ideas and travel bug missions.

How did you get interested in Geocaching?

My brother Steve took us Geocaching when were in Maine on vacation. The caches he found were full of Travel Bugs and the places we went were amazing.

How many cache’s have you found?


You’ve found cache’s all over the country, where is your favorite place to cache?

My favorite places to cache are Maine, Las Vegas, and Alaska. They have very interesting things to see and the caches have many travelers.

I understand you move a lot of travelers. Can you tell us a little of what you do along this line?

I was very intrigued by the thought of moving things across the country by means of cache to cache travel. Being able to move these items to help complete their missions interested me. After returning to Texas, my Daughter and I built “The Travel Bug Train Station”GC15XZ1. This is a little building on a post that would represent a train station for travelers. Due to the fact I work all over the US and Canada, a lot of people will bring travelers to the train station to start their missions. The next thing I did was purchase a small wooden train that I call “The Travel Express”. I then pick up the travelers from the train station and take pictures of them on the train and write stories about their travel on the train before dropping them in a new cache.

8ad868d2-2dc9-4953-8ed9-dd40decce9bbWanting to try my hand at setting out travelers myself, I decided to have a passenger pigeon race across the Eastern US to Texas. I released (10) travel bugs along the East coast that explained the history of the passenger pigeon and the mission was to travel from cache to cache back to the train station in Abilene, Texas. Once a pigeon made it back we would place everyone’s name that helped move the travel bug in a hat a drew out a winner. The winner would receive a Geocoin with a bird on it.

Later on, a series of (12)North America Game Animals were released. They were Medallions with the same mission, return to the train station. Prizes were given to the winners.

The last race that was conducted was “The Great Train Race” around the world. By this time I had begun a collection of Geocoins and purchased 75 Travel Express coins for traveling. I then went to the Geocaching site and posted on the forum for volunteers to help start the travelers. If a person would agree to start a coin I would send them one (not theirs) and give them one for helping. This way the coins would all have a starting place far away from their owners home. I then held a geocoin discovery event and donated a travel express geocoin to everyone that came to the event. The race was for one year and (28) prizes would be given to the top (7) in each of (4) category’s. The category’s were the most miles traveled, the most caches visited, handled by the most cachers and the most post. A lot of the prizes would be geocoins that were GaryM53 editions of popular coins. Once the race was completed the coins were adopted over to the owners so they could change the missions and the coins could travel to their home areas.

You collect a lot of trackable items, care to expand?

I like to collect things like hockey cards, rare coins, paper money and now Geocoins. It was not long before I figured out who made the coins, who designed them and how to purchase them. I started out by purchasing a few extras and selling the extras once they became scarce. This would give me enough funds to purchase additional coins. Some coins will sell out quickly and you need to be fast on the computer to purchase them. I have had times coins will sell out in less than 30 seconds. Others will sell out within 15 to 20 minutes. These are the ones that resell later and help build my collection.

How many geocoin’s do you think you have?


How has geocaching changed for you over the years?

Tractable geocoins in caches have become more scarce due to people keeping them. This has now been addressed by company’s printing proxies. I still like Geocaching, but only when I travel to new places or along my travel route.

Where do you think geocaching is headed in the future?

New people are getting involved all the time. I think you see more people having events and this is a good thing.

Have you found any geocaches with Navicache.com?

No – But the new owner seems like he’s turning it around 🙂

What do you think about our efforts to bring back Navicache.com?

I feel you have a lot to offer, but the main Geocaching site controls most of the market.