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For the uninitiated, geocoins are custom made coins that function much like a traditional travel bug. Each coin has a tracking number the owner can choose to activate and send on missions, or simply keep in a personal collection. Geocoins are often unique works of art with several cacher’s trading them at events and even selling them on ebay.

For me, finding a geocoin is an exciting event, but it’s been a long time since I’ve come across one. Because geocoins are so unique, the less honest among us will take them from a cache and not move them along their journey. It’s an unfortunate risk we take, but in my experience, finding a cache with geocoins is more like finding real treasure.

My father is an avid geocoin collector. He has several boxes of unsorted coins and others bound in nice laminate folders. He has complete sets, commissions his own coins, and seems to always discover the most unique designs out there. We can spend hours looking at the intricate patterns and more often than not, trying to find out how they made them.

100 Geocache FindsThe Madcacher geocoin collection is rather sparse at the moment, but I thought our readers might like to see what I currently own. The first is a “100 finds” coin and pathtag my father got me when I hit that milestone, the others are the complete set of Cach’ & Release Atlantic Salmon coins. The set is comprised of three separate coin colors and the detail is quite impressive. The include images are from another site as they were much better than the ones take from my phone.

At some point, Ej and I would like to create our own Madcacher.com – Navicache.com coins or path tags. I think having some signature items to bring to shows would be great for our brand and I’m sure we’ll take the chance on a few coins and send them out on missions – maybe you’ll find one!

If you’d like to share your geocoin collection with our readers, or simply show off your personal coin, drop us a line! We’ll keep updating this blog post if any should come in.

Cache & Release GeocoinCache & Release Geocoin

  1. Brian

    As a fly fisherman and cacher, I LOVE the cach’ & release coin. A quick internet search seems to only turn up one or two options to purchase over in Europe. Any chance you purchased those somewhere in the US that you can point me to?

    • MadCacher


      My father gave me the set as a Christmas gift and I am unsure where he got his hands on them. I know he does a lot with coin makers overseas and I am guessing that’s where he got them. I will touch base with him and see if I can sort it out. Thanks for reading!


      • Brian

        Sounds great, thanks!

        • MadCacher


          My father got the coins from Geocoinshop.de, but shipping is rather expensive. He said he will look in his collection and see how many extras he has and maybe we can work something out so you can have a few. My father lives in Texas so I am sure shipping will be cheaper. I’ll keep you posted.


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