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Here at Madcacher we love meeting other geocachers whether it’s in person or through the internet. Kim is a fellow geocaching blogger and we wanted to introduce you to both her and her well written blog. If any one else out there is interested in being a “guest” blog poster here on madcacher, just ask!

Geocaching with Bugleann

Hi everyone – my name is Kim.  The guys here at Madcacher have asked me to do a guest post to introduce myself and my blog.

My caching name is Bugleann and I’ve been caching for almost 4 years.  So far we have 2370 finds.  We’re from the Chicago area and when we cache, it’s generally a family affair.  My husband and I are a caching team and our daughter often joins us.  My parents, who are both in their late 70’s, tag along whenever possible and go by the caching name “PapaNonny.”  Then there’s my sister, “2catchick” and her husband who also cache with us a lot.  In our neck of the woods, we’ve been nicknamed “The PapaNonny Clan.”

I love history so I really prefer any cache that takes me to a historic location, especially ifsnug1 it has something to do with the Civil War.   I like caches in old cemeteries and any excursions that will take us hiking in the woods.  But my absolute favorite cache is one that requires climbing a tree.  I loved to climb trees when I was a kid and like Peter Pan, I never grew up!

One of my best days ever was when I visited my youngest sister in Colorado 2 years ago.  We spent the day geocaching in the mountains and finished the day with a hike to the top of St. Mary’s Glacier.  At 11,000 feet, it was the highest I’ve ever climbed.  Once we reached the top, the view was spectacular.  We played in the snow, splashed in the ice cold lake, and scrambled around on the rocks.  On the way down, we stopped and found a geocache.  That day was one of the highlights of my life – hiking, geocaching and time spent with my family.  It was an amazing day and one I will always treasure.

So far we’ve hidden 29 caches, but the one I’m the most proud of is called “Back Atcha Bat, Louisville Slugger”  GC2GJRP.  So far it has 43 favorite points.  It’s not really a devil hide, but it’s got a nice twist to it.  In fact, another geocacher liked it so much that he asked if he could copy it and when he went back home to California, he hid one similar to it. GC2P06A has 27 favorite points to date.  I was flattered that he liked our hide enough to copy it.  That’s the ultimate compliment, don’t you think?

My blog is called Snug Harbor Bay, which is named after our summer home on the lake.   Snug Harbor Bay has lots of posts about geocaching, but I also write about hiking, fishing and kayaking because those are the hobbies I enjoy.  But I particularly like to do stories about other geocachers or anything geocaching related.  For example, I did a review on Madcachers book “101 Devil Caches,” which was a really interesting book by the way.  I also recently did a 2 part post on a geocacher who makes milestone maps.  They are awesome and if you want to find out more about them, please go visit my blog.  Both posts were published in February 2013.

I contribute a lot of posts to another great geocaching blog called CacheCrazy.    We have a great community of writers over there and we all take turns writing stories from different locations around the globe.  If you have time, please stop over there as well.

I’d like to thank Madcacher for having me over here.  Please visit my blog sometime.  Be sure to say hello when you do!  I hope you stick around.

  1. Bloodhounded

    Kim, you are an inspiration to all of us here at CacheCrazy.Com and a big part of our team! I always have loved your blog Snug Harbor Bay and the folks here at the Madcacher picked a real winner for a guest post when they asked you! Love your book review (on CacheCrazy.Com today 2/25/2013) on 101 Devil Caches and all of your contributions to the sport of geocaching both literary and personal!
    Way to go Kim!

    • kim

      Thanks Kevin – Cache Crazy has been such a great place for me to hang out and contribute!

  2. CrazyCris

    That Colorado hike sounds FABULOUS!

    I spend a lot of time at Kim’s blog and I can confirm she tells lots of great tales about Geocaching! She makes it sound like a lot of fun, so much that I finally decided to try it out myself! I can’t get enough of your posts Kim, so keep on blogging! :o)

    • kim

      The hike in Colorado was a highlight day of my life. I’d love to go back and do that again.

  3. Lavender Dreams
    Lavender Dreams02-25-2013

    Hi there Kim! I love reading even more about your adventures here! I love that you do this as a family….even your parents. It’s been fun to see photos of all of you and catch a little of the excitement! See you over at Snug Harbor! Hugs, Diane

    • kim

      Thanks for coming by Diane – you always say the nicest things!

  4. Martha

    Excellent guest post – you rock Kim! Of course when you come to Florida we will have to do some geocaching here too :)

    • kim

      Thanks Martha – I’d love to hang out and cache with you in Florida sometime!

  5. Laura

    Great guest post, Kim :)

    • kim

      Thank you Laura – I appreciate you coming by!

  6. ErikaJean

    Go Kim!!

  7. Cheri

    Once again a wonderful job Kim!! You rock!! I hope to have the time to spend geocaching one day….maybe we can meet and geocache together!! (Im not much into climbing trees tho! :) Great job!!

    • kim

      Cheri – I’ll taking you caching and you show me how to find the good shells on Sanibel!

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