Agassiz Angel – Contest Winner!


Ej and I are pleased to announce the winner of the “Name The Mad Cacher” contest. Sue Sandar aka Agassiz Angel, submitted the winning story.

Sue is a frequent contributor to our Facebook page and I highly recommend reading her ideas on how to handle muggle’s in the field. Sue has won a Mad Cacher T-Shirt. Without further fanfar we would like to share the story of how The Mad Cacher got his name.

Macher - The Mad Cacher

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not sure where I should begin with what I have to tell you so I will start where I came in.

My name is unimportant as it is not I that you need to know; it is Macher (pronounced MaSHer). I have worked as an assistant to the great scientist, Macher, for the last three years. In that time I have noticed that he is spending more and more time muttering and mumbling to himself than he ever did before. He no longer cares about his appearance, his hair is a mess, his lab coat is fraying and his pants are threadbare in places and are too short. As you know, the great Macher takes pride in his appearance and this is very out of character for him.

That is not my main concern though, my main concern is the number of small packages he is receiving daily and the amount of time he is spending behind closed doors with the contents of the packages. I managed to read a couple of the labels on the boxes but I do not understand why he would want UV monofilament, fire tacks, invisible ink and something called a preform!

I am writing to you because I have heard of other scientists acting this way before they had a melt down and I do not want to see Macher hurting himself or anyone else.

I know he is up to something because he is locking himself away and shouting out numbers and letters and then screaming ‘No! No! No! That isn’t going to work!’ Then he throws something across the room and starts over again.

Lately he has been carrying around a GPS and pressing buttons and then chuckles, looks around to make sure no one has seen him and then mumbles something about, “them never figuring this one out when I am done!”

I am very concerned about this; remember he is famous for making the ‘Night Cache Trap’ that had geocachers walking around in circles for days. I am sure that the Ministry of Defense would not find the humor in his antics a second time around.

Macher has just come out of his lab with an evil grin on his face carrying a box like object with wires and tubes connected to it. His evil laughing is getting louder and louder.

“They think they know everything about puzzles! HA! I have made the ultimate puzzle that they will never figure out and never win the FTF on this cache!” Macher muttered and then broke out into the evil laughter that he has been doing a lot of lately.

I think he is going to hide it somewhere right now! As he was walking past me I saw a faint glow of numbers in the tubes sticking out of the box, I am not sure what they are for but it can not be good.

Please help as I am not sure where or what he is up to. All I know is that he is acting very strange and the last time this happened he started the ‘Travel Bug’ epidemic which swept through the geocaching community and caused mass chaos!

Please send help ASAP.
From the desk of Dr. Macher MD in GC, HP, CP

Dr. L.N Lock
Dr. Machers’ assistant

The next day, Dr. Macher was found at the edge of Finders Volcano, a volcano that has been dead for over a thousand years. In his hands he held a pad of paper and his GPS. On the paper he had written several different coordinates, none of them were for the location where he was standing though.

“Everything will be revealed when you do the puzzle for my new geocache. It is called ‘Mad Cacher Strikes Again!’ It is kind of catchy don’t you think?” Macher laughed and walked down the path leaving everyone staring at him and shaking their heads! He really was a Mad Cacher!

  1. Sue

    aww thank you so much :) It was an honor to let the world know Machers name :)

    Thank you again and keep up the awesome work :)


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