Moving East


Madcacher and Navicache have relocated! We’ve packed up and moved our headquarters! We had previously been located in Upstate NY, in a little town called Canandaigua. Due to changes in my (Ejs) work conditions, we’re now located in Portland, Maine. We’re both extremely excited about this!

We both grew up in Maine, but left after we graduated from college. That’s the way of most young people here in Maine; there simply aren’t a lot of jobs here. We’re very fortunate that one of our careers has allowed us to get back to the state.

Why are we so excited? There are a lot of reasons, but we’ll try to name a few!

Mainers Love the Outdoors – The geocaching community is already rocking here in Maine! Hiking, skiing, walking, sailing; Mainer’s spend their time outdoors, and this means they either already enjoy geocaching or would if they found out about it! This means we get to plant the geocaching “seeds” and share this hobby (ok, habit) with a lot of people.

Great Outdoor Companies – Might not seem like a big deal, but there are a ton of great outdoor companies that are based right here in Maine. L.L. Bean is a major outdoor retailer for clothing and equipment. But the kicker is that Delorme is also based here. With just over a million people in all of Maine, the chances of us networking and being able to grow the two sites, and offer more great benefits to all of you, goes up a ton!

Great Internet Companies – Navicache is written in a code that we aren’t trained in, Google keeps throwing small website developers our size with algorithm updates; we both have full time jobs, all this has lead to our update of Navicache moving forward more slowly than we would like. We’re hopeful that with the young, Internet focused community like Portland, ME we’ll be able to reach out and bring in other experts to move this effort along.

We Grew Up Here – As we mentioned above, networking is a key focus for us. In order to move these websites, and geocaching forward, we need to meet people who can make things happen. Maine is a very, very small place. And what that means for us is getting a leg up in the local community. As an example, a past Rugby teammate knew a person who I met at a party, and she put me in touch with the director of the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development. With that one connection we’ve already attended several social meet and greets for local website owners. That’s how things happen!

All that said, the most important bit? I’ve been here two weeks, and with the move and everything else going on, I haven’t had a cache find in that whole time! So the best part about moving to Maine? Virgin caching grounds.

Do you live in Maine, or have some thoughts about the move in general? Use our contact page or send us a message on facebook! We’d love to hear from you.

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