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Travel Bug Woes


Before setting out on any geocaching adventure I always look to see what cache’s contain travel bugs. There is something exciting about finding an item with a story, that has traveled long distances and more often than not, has a family anxiously waiting for the next logged destination. Unfortunately, many travel bugs get destroyed, are left idle for months at a time or, in the case of one of our travel bugs, fall into a case of mistaken identity. I know others have great success with TB’s, maybe I am just unlucky.

A few years ago I had a travel bug that had a mission of collecting keychains along it’s travels from Texas to New Hampshire. It had been traveling along pretty well until it got destroyed in a housing development in New Mexico. It was unfortunate as I was anxiously waiting to see the items attached, but alas it never arrived.

When EJ and I took over Madcacher we wanted to send out a couple of travel bugs and write a short story about their travels. To that end I created Cachebarn Charlie, a small green frog that wanted to see bodies of water and have his picture taken. I launched Charlie in Virginia and he was doing fairly well, he traveled a little over 3,000 miles, had some pictures taken, but on September 1’st was logged in Oregon with one major change, Charlie had gone from a green frog (previously my dog Buddy’s toy) to Pinocchio. Same tag, different trinket. After some consideration, this could make for an interesting story, but not the track I had intended for the little guy.

EJ has had better success. In March of 2009, he released Captain America onto the scene. To date, he has traveled 19,518 miles, appears to still be alive and currently is hanging out in MA. Ej also has tremendous success with his vehicle TB being found 61 times. I am the only one that has discovered my vehicle :-( I am beginning to think I have the travel bug curse. However, on closer inspection, EJ might want to block the TB details from his image on, that may be helping his numbers.

As far as travel bugs are concerned, my father Garym53 has an impressive 2,156 TB’s logged. His travel bug hotel in Abilene, TX (GC15XZ1) get’s frequent visitors and is one of the inspirations for our upcoming geocaching book. To me, the TB Train Station is a wonderful example of how unique Geocache hides can be, check it out if you get a chance.

Trackables can really enhance any geocaching expedition and from my experience, is the best way of getting new cacher’s excited about the sport. Do you have any unique or interesting travel bug stories? We would love to post your story on our website! Just send us a message if you want to share.

For those looking for TB tags and other caching goodies, check out the links below.

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    I proxy all mine, and now don’t worry about loosing the valuable coin, as they are in my own collection

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