Where have we been?


Rest assured, EJ and I have not forgotten about Navicache and Madcacher! Its true, we’ve not been able to post nearly as often as we would like, but life has a funny way of messing up even the best laid plans. There has been a lot of changes for this dynamic duo, some good, some pretty bad, but we want to make sure our readers know we haven’t just been sitting on our hands.

Security has been an ongoing problem for our websites. Even with the help of Sucuri, researching intrusions on my own and more often than not shaking my fists to the sky, our hosting provider 1and1 continually shut down the sites for malicious activity. The final straw came a week or so ago and we decided to take our business elsewhere. In addition to switching hosting providers, we hired a security consultant to make sure the sites are protected as well as some other monitoring programs.

The Madcacher website is still in a state of flux, however the newsletter and logbooks will be available shortly. There are several formatting items I would like to address, but more often than not I am the only one that can see them and EJ wants to wring my neck :-)

We have also been moving forward with some Navicache items having had a new logo created and setting up a workflow with our developer overseas. We recently updated the mapping feature so maps would be available to cacher’s outside the United States.

Long story short, things are moving forward, slower than anyone would have liked, but they are moving forward. Thank you for your continued support and should be hearing from us on a more frequent basis. We just need to make sure this life thing doesn’t mess with your plans.

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