Why is Geocaching fun?


It seems more and more lately I’m asked the question, “What is so fun about Geocaching? You just hike around and find plastic junk.” My answer is usually the same, “Have you tried it?”

As in my earlier post, “How I became a Geocacher”, it took me a quite a bit of persuading to take up the hobby. I too found it to be a silly waste of time with nothing more to gain than some plastic trinkets and maybe a neat looking coin. A person in their early twenties is just too busy and much too important to be spending their time with that sort of activity. Or so I thought.

When I got into Geocaching and began to realize the benefits I understood how silly I was. In reality, I was much too busy playing video games or drinking beer. Not unlike most males in their early twenties, I had a false sense of importance and clearly didn’t know a thing. I still don’t know a thing, but I know that Geocaching is a lot more than “finding stuff”.

Geocaching has been a way for my father and I to communicate. We have a shared interest in an activity that does not depend on location. He’ll understand my story of finding a cache near UVA and I will understand his excitement of a new coin he commissioned from a contact in the Netherlands. It’s a shared hobby and goes a long way in breaking down barriers. More often than not our communication reverts back to Geocaching, and I am harassing him to become a guest blogger in the very near future.

Health and Geocaching go hand in hand. I’m not just talking about you’re health, I am including the health of your four legged friend. Most of us can stand to lose a few… *cough* (20) pounds and pets are no different. Dogs enjoy being in the woods as much as you do, so it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. In my experience, one cache leads to another cache and by the time I am done, both Buddy and I are exhausted. It is a great and fun way to burn calories! Unfortunately the parking lot truck stop cache’s don’t count :-)

For me, Geocaching can be as fun as you want to make it. I have a Travel Bug in the mix right now with a “Big Idea” attached to him. CacheBarn Charlie is a little frog with a big story. When he is done traveling and back home at Leeward Coast, I would like to collect is adventures into a book. Anyone who finds this little guy can contribute to his tale. The fun for me is the anticipation of how this idea might turn out and the involvement of so many strangers. Geocaching is a great way to be a part of the global community.

Geocaching is a great way to meet people! I’ve met several interesting people on the hiking trails and have found groups online that get together most weekends. If you are new to a place Geocaching can be an ice breaker and an opportunity to make friends. I’ve found cacher’s to be a friendly group and often know the best *ahem* watering holes :-)

A reader of Madcacher and guest post author Rachel Cohn even created a short film that illustrates some of the fun she has with our hobby. Check it out!. If you enjoy making videos we would love to share them with our readers.

The fact of the matter is Geocaching is what you make it. For me, I like the excitement of finding something hidden, I like the ability to see new and exciting places and meet people I would otherwise pass by without a second glance. Reading stories from our readers and sharing their experiences puts a smile on my face and I love seeing my dog chase birds on hikes he can be off-leash.

How do YOU find the fun with Geocaching?

  1. Brian

    I’m a husband and father of four. When I ask the family what they want to do for fun today – their response is often “Go Geocaching!”.

    We find it fun for a number of reasons:
    – It gets us outside – often hiking around – with a purpose. Outdoor exercise is critical, but often lacks fun. Geocaching adds the element of purpose and fun during a hike.
    – We go to places we probably never would have. It’s great to see new places.
    – Everyone can share in the fun. Our 3-year-old can follow the GPS and has found a few caches. Everyone gets turns trading in/out swag.
    – It’s (relatively) inexpensive. Sure, there are some costs involved (GPS, Geocaching.com premium account, buying swag to trade into caches). But, given the amount of quality, family fun we get out of it, it’s a steal.

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