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  • Backpack

    What Goes In Your Geocaching Kit?


    Most experienced geocachers like to be ready for any occurrence, be it irritant insects, a filled up logbook or finding the perfect place for a new cache. For that reason most geocachers have taken to keep a geocaching bag or “kit” ready to go at …

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  • Geocaching Tools

    Essential Geocaching Equipment – What’s in your Geocaching bag?


    Whether you’re new to Geocaching or you’re just getting started, you most likely have a bag of some type, which you carry with you when you’re on your geocaching adventures. If you don’t then I highly recommend getting one and and filling it with the …

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  • GPS

    What is the Best Geocaching GPS?


    Garmin 010-00422-00 GPSMAP 60CSx The best GPS for Geocaching is by far the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx! The price is a bit higher than some of the cheaper ones, but you will be so glad you spent the few extra bucks to get this thing! First …

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