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  • Backpack

    What Goes In Your Geocaching Kit?


    Most experienced geocachers like to be ready for any occurrence, be it irritant insects, a filled up logbook or finding the perfect place for a new cache. For that reason most geocachers have taken to keep a geocaching bag or β€œkit” ready to go at …

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  • Travel Bug

    How to Prevent Travel Bugs and Coins from going Missing


    I have a sneaky little trick up my sleeve πŸ˜‰ Have you ever released a Travel bug or Coin into the Geocaching wild, only for a fellow cacher to lose it, a muggle to take it or for it to just go missing for one …

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  • Winter Geocaching

    Winter Geocaching Tips and Motivation


    It’s winter time in the U.S. and many other Countries on this side of the World. That means less geocaching for some, but for others it just means that they have slightly more of a challenge now. My goal for this post is to provide …

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  • Geocaching Tools

    Essential Geocaching Equipment – What’s in your Geocaching bag?


    Whether you’re new to Geocaching or you’re just getting started, you most likely have a bag of some type, which you carry with you when you’re on your geocaching adventures. If you don’t then I highly recommend getting one and and filling it with the …

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