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  • Broken GPSr

    Geocaching Lesson, My Smashed GPSr


    As covered in our geocaching and traveling posting not to long ago, I am very lucky that I get to travel a lot as part of my day job. Working in renewable energy affords me a pretty good life, and takes me to some amazing …

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  • How To Make A Cryptex1

    Geocaching Cryptex, How To Build


    Puzzle caches are one of my favorite types of geocaches to hunt for as they offer an additional challenge to overcome even after you’ve located what you’re fellow geocachers have left for you. Recently I got the idea that I might want to build a …

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  • Magnet

    Geocaching and Magnets


    Geocaches are a tricky thing by their very nature, which is one of the great things about geocaching. While some people may hide their caches to be found quickly and without much effort (we call this a “cache and dash”) others take pleasure in placing …

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  • Virtual Cache

    What are Virtual Caches?


    Have you been searching for a geocache and seen an icon that looks like one of the angry ghosts from the Super Mario games? Wondering why this cache icon looks different than you may be used to? You’ve stumbled upon a “grandfathered” type of cache …

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  • Bomb Scare

    Geocaching Bomb Scare -or- Smart Geocaching


    It’s been a long while since I’ve written a post here. I’ve been a busy guy getting things packed, moved and unpacked into our new home. Unfortunately that means I haven’t had much time for caching lately Now that things are settled down that’s about …

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  • Travelbug

    Geocaching Travel Bugs and Geocoins – An Introduction to Trackable Items


    One of the fun aspects of Geocaching is the thrill of the hunt and wondering what you’ll find in the cache, if you do indeed find it. The little toys (often called “Swag”) are always exciting for the kids, but obviously most adults don’t find …

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  • Geocaching Benefits

    Make Geocaching more than just a Hobby!


    Just about every time I explain what Geocaching is to someone (which is pretty often because I mention it to just about every new person I meet ) I see a confused look on their face. You know, the kind that’s like “ok, WHY would …

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