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  • Eproduct

    Geocaching E-Products?


    As we promised when we took over the site, we really want the madcacher site to become a reference hub for experienced geocachers. To that end, we’re working on a variety of items, including a website redesign, an ebook and a few other “aces” up …

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  • Buddy Milligan

    Geocaching With Your Dog


    Many people talk about the benefits of geocaching in regards to weight loss; which should not be down played or looked over. But the idea of benefiting from exercise due to geocaching does not have to be limited to just the avid geocacher, others such …

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  • Question

    Geocaching Preparation – How do you Record Cache Details before a Hunt?


    When we first started Geocaching in order for us to know the details of each cache we were about to look for I would take a piece of paper and write down the Geocache code so we know which one to plug into the GPS, …

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  • Geocachingfun

    Geocaching wasn’t Invented for Me or You it was Invented for Me AND You!


    Every person on Earth who takes up the hobby/sport (whatever you want to call it) of Geocaching does it for fun. I guess some may do it just to get off of their butt, but I’m pretty sure every single person who does it gets …

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  • Geocaching Tips

    Geocaching Tips for Beginners


    1. Don’t look for the container – As odd as that may sound it’s a good piece of advice. I, like many new Geocachers, remember looking for the container. I was always looking for something sticking out from a hole or hanging from something. During …

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