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  • Snug1

    Guest Poster – Bugleann!


    Here at Madcacher we love meeting other geocachers whether it’s in person or through the internet. Kim is a fellow geocaching blogger and we wanted to introduce you to both her and her well written blog. If any one else out there is interested in …

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  • Macher Name

    Agassiz Angel – Contest Winner!


    Ej and I are pleased to announce the winner of the “Name The Mad Cacher” contest. Sue Sandar aka Agassiz Angel, submitted the winning story. Sue is a frequent contributor to our Facebook page and I highly recommend reading her ideas on how to handle …

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  • Site Under Construction

    Site Redesign


    Welcome to the new! After careful consideration we have decided to launch the redesign of our website early. Kurt, co-MadCacher and resident design guy, has a tendency to spend too much time on the smallest of details before moving on to the larger more …

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  • Geocaching Ghost Hunting

    Ghost Hunting with Geocachers


    Author: WitzAbout, Colorado Springs This past Saturday, we were invited to go ghost hunting as part of a group of Geocachers. A Geocaching friend, ‘QZ’, from outside Denver was making the less than 2 hour drive down to Colorado Springs for the weekend, and decided …

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