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  • Winner of Our 101 Devil Caches Book Announced!


    In order to celebrate our new geocaching book; 101 Devil caches, and give back to our geocaching community, we decided to run a small contest on Facebook. The contest ran for two weeks and we had over 150 people enter! We’re truly humbled by the response. …

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  • Nano

    Nano Caches – Are they REALLY That Bad?


    I’m sure 90% of my audience HATES nanos. Are you one of them? I’ve never understood why so many people dislike them so I thought I would write a quick post to start a discussion on the topic. I do realize we all have our …

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  • Geocache Hiding Spot

    Geocache Hiding Spot Ideas


    Many of us find just as much thrill, if not more, in hiding caches as we do in finding them. But finding fun, creative places to hide them can be a challenge. So I’m writing this post today to START a list, that I hope …

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