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Turn your car into a travel bug


Here at madcacher we love travel bugs, geocoins or as a general rule, anything trackable. They offer an element to geocaching that we absolutely love; the ability to interact with your fellow geocachers. People send these track ables on missions and monitor their progress – their story and path is literally in your hands! We ourselves have several trackables.

A few months ago we saw a car with a very familiar looking decal on it’s back window. As we pulled closer (without tailgating of course) we realized that yes that IS a travel bug decal on the back of that car! Scrambling in the glovebox we quickly wrote down the tracking number, gave a wave and allowed the car to travel on its way. Later that night when we logged onto we were glad to see that yes, the car was a travel bug. We entered in a note for the owner and then and there promised to turn one of our cars into a travel bug as well.

And we did! You can go here to find the log page for our Audi A3 travel bug.

So what does it take to make your car into a travel bug?

The first thing you are going to need is a travel bug tracking number – these are easy enough to get. You’ll need to order yourself a travel bug dog tag. There are a lot of stores that sell these, but here’s a link for ordering one through Amazon (and we’ll get an affiliate payment to help keep the site going). The Travel Bug.

Once you have a tracking number you can go one of two ways. The first, and the way we went (see the link to our log page above) is to have a decal made for you using your tracking number. We got ours from “Debbie Does Decals” on eBay, you can also find them by typing their name into google. You simply pay for the decal, send in your tracking number and within a reasonable amount of time your decal shows up and is ready to be applied to your car!

Never applied vinyl decals to a car before? It’s simple, check out this youtube video showing the process;

Or for a simple and cheap method you could print your own decal on a normal piece of paper. Just make sure you also include the tracking number and tape it to the inside of a window, facing out so that a passerby can see it.

Have you turned your car into a Travel Bug? We’d love to hear from you! Post a comment below OR send us your photo through our contact us tab.

  1. ErikaJean

    I use a magnet. I like that I can remove it when I don’t want it there… and if i ever get a new car it can come with me.

  2. FuzzyBears

    Had one on ours for a few years… made our own from vinyl (it;s what I do for a business)… Also a good idea to make the TB collectable and move it to your collection if you haven’t.. It stops people picking it up instead of discovering it.. We also don’t publish pics on the web as people can log it without seeing it ‘in the flesh’
    Cheers Dave

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